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Protect your business income from unexpected disasters with instant cover from Salon Gold.

Personalised Insurance For Loss of Income

Providing your clients with the best treatments and giving them an unforgettable experience is what makes running a successful salon so exciting. Having put time and money into getting your business off the ground, sometimes it’s easy to overlook the potential risks that could jeopardise it. For instance, an unanticipated disaster like a fire or flood could leave you with no choice but to close your premises until repairs are complete.

This could have a devastating impact on your profits, which means you and your employees suffer a loss of income, which is why taking out business interruption insurance with Salon Gold is imperative. Our business interruption insurance gives you a lump-sum payment to cover costs whilst you are unable to trade, so join our community today and know your salon is safe if the worst should happen.

What Do You Get With Business Interruption Insurance?

Business interruption insurance can protect your business financially in the event of your salon being forced to close as a result of a natural disaster, such as a fire, flood or storm. It covers any loss of income for a period of up to two years following any loss, destruction or damage to your property. Also covering you in the event of your business losing revenue due to the failure of a telephone line (£250 per day) or public utility (£500 per day), business interruption insurance protects you against lost income and unpaid bills until you’re up and running again. Our standard limit of cover is £750,000 (over 2 years), which can be increased if required, and also includes any outstanding book debts that you are unable to recover up to £10,000.

This insurance policy is part of an automatic package for salon owners only, not for mobile or freelancers. This collection of covers has been put together by our expert team to provide insurance for the primary sources of risk which many salon owners regularly face. Many of the most popular insurance covers for salon owners will be automatically included in your policy with Salon Gold, such as public liability insurance which protects you if anyone is accidentally injured or their property is damaged because of your business activities.

As well as employer’s liability which is a legal requirement if you hire a team of staff, and products liability insurance which covers any claims made involving a product you sell or supply. Another essential policy which comes with your package is treatment risk cover which protects you should a client suffer an allergic reaction or burn from a product or service.

Our business interruption cover includes:

  • Standard cover for all salon insurance customers
  • Loss of income up to £750,000 over 2 years
  • Outstanding book debts up to £10,000
  • Failure of telephone lines up to £250 per day
  • Failure of public utilities up to £500 per day


This cover is applied automatically for all salon insurance customers but is not available for our freelance or mobile customers

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Salon Business Interruption Insurance FAQs

What can business interruption insurance cover?

Taking out business interruption cover will provide your business with financial support until your salon is back up and running. It can help you pay your employees’ salary, and provide you with a regular income while your premises are being repaired or rebuilt. This policy can also cover any profits, as calculated from performance during the month prior to closure, a temporary move to another location, and any operating expenses, as well as unpaid bills and loan payments.

Why do I need business interruption insurance?

As a business owner, it’s easy to ignore the threat of catastrophes which seem unimaginable from a distance, like a natural disaster that forces your salon to close. Should a situation like this occur, it could halt all operations for an extended period of time. Many small businesses don’t have the resources or funds to deal with an event like this, and could be at risk of closing permanently. Having business interruption insurance in place could be what guarantees your salon’s survival in otherwise disastrous situations.

Who needs business interruption insurance?

Regardless of the size of your business, nobody is immune from an unexpected disaster. Though business interruption insurance is not a legal requirement, it’s worth asking yourself whether your savings would be enough to cover the impact of unexpected damage to your business premises. For instance, a flood that damages the electrics and prevents you from taking bookings over the phone or digitally. If not, then you will need business interruption insurance to help run your salon smoothly, no matter what.

Does business interruption insurance come with public utilities insurance?

Our standard salon insurance package also includes public utilities insurance. This is an extension of the business interruption section, as our standard policy only operates where there has been damage at your premises as a result of an insured peril, such as a fire or flood. For instance, failure of electric, gas and water supply will be covered up to £500 per day following accidental failure of public supplies of electricity, gas or water at the salon. Telephone line failure is covered for up to £250 a day if there has been an accidental failure of communication sources at your premises. We recognise that a business can be interrupted without experiencing any on-site damage, which is why taking out business interruption insurance with Salon Gold entitles you to a number of extensions which are included in your policy.

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