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We provide specialist cover for all business models, from salon owners to mobile freelancers

Insurance for salon owners and freelance professionals

Whether you run a hair salon or operate a mobile microblading company, securing the right insurance should always be a top priority. As a business owner, you have enough on your plate without the added worry about dealing with potential claims, and a comprehensive policy is exactly what you need to eliminate stress in times of trouble. Here at Salon Gold, all of our packages are specifically designed to meet the needs of those working in the hair, beauty, health, fitness, and holistic industries. We offer insurance for salons as well as mobile and freelance businesses.

Rather than leaving you to pick and choose individual covers, we automatically provide you with a selection of different insurance types as standard. These combinations depend on your particular business model and ensure you have all the protection you could possibly need. If you want your policy to go further, you can add as many optional covers as you like.

Freelance Automatic Covers

Our standard comprehensive Freelance & Mobile Insurance cover packages are specifically designed for businesses on the go.

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Freelance Optional Covers

Every business is different, so make sure you have cover where you need it.

We cover treatments and trades in hair, beauty, holistic, fitness and counselling sectors

Insurance FAQs

Why are Salon Gold’s insurance packages so comprehensive?

We know that working in the hair, beauty, health, fitness, and holistic industries can bring many unique risks. Rather than allowing you to choose the individual covers you think you’d most benefit from, we strive to ensure you are protected in all situations. For example, if you run a salon, you may decide to take out public liability insurance as this is one of the most popular covers for business owners. However, this wouldn’t be of any use if someone had an allergic reaction to one of your products and took legal action, or if your equipment was destroyed in a fire. Luckily, our salon insurance package includes treatment risk and contents cover, protecting you in both of these circumstances.

Is it cheaper to buy an insurance package or buy individual covers?

Our comprehensive packages save you money in the long run. Having this extensive insurance means you won’t have to pay for unexpected damages or legal issues, while you may suffer significant financial losses if you don’t have the relevant cover. And rather than buying all these covers separately, it’s much cheaper to do so in bulk.

What does liability insurance cover?

Liability insurance protects you from claims regarding physical injuries or property damage caused by your business activities. We offer three distinct types of liability insurance:

Public liability: For claims where a client or other third party has been accidentally injured or their property has been damaged due to the operation of your business.

Products liability: For claims where a product sold or supplied by your business caused an accidental injury or damage to a third party’s property.

Employers liability: For claims where an employee takes legal action against your business due to an injury or illness they sustained while working for you. Please note that this insurance is a legal requirement if you employ any staff.

"Will qualifications affect my insurance?"

Talking about qualifications when trying to buy insurance for your business can be a bit daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Here at Salon Gold, we know that there is often a lot of uncertainty over what qualifications you’ll need to be covered, so we’ve compiled all the information you’ll need to know in this handy guide

Teacher Or Student Cover

Do you train other professionals to become instructors in your chosen activity? Our Teacher Training insurance is an extra optional cover. Just add it to any of our freelance hair, beauty, holistic or health & fitness policies. And we offer student insurance — at special student rates!

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