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Comprehensive insurance for your holistic or complementary therapy business

Premium Holistic Therapy Insurance At Affordable Rates

As a therapist practising holistic and complementary therapies, your insight into your clients’ problems goes deeper than just their symptoms. You take an integrated body, mind and spirit approach to restore natural balance and an optimal level of health and wellness.

These therapies have become increasingly popular but occasionally, a client may be dissatisfied. They may allege that your therapy has made their condition worse – even if you’re certain that you are not at fault – and you could find yourself faced with a claim for malpractice.

That’s where we come in with our Holistic Gold Complementary Therapy insurance (one of the Salon Gold family of policies). You can rest assured that it provides full malpractice insurance to keep you protected in this type of situation. And you’ll be surprised how affordable our policy is. So you can spend time focusing on helping and healing your clients while we watch out for your best interests on the road ahead.

Comprehensive Cover For Holistic & Complementary Therapists

In the course of running your business as a holistic or complementary therapist, you may put good practices in place to ensure everyone’s safety. You may also strive to offer the best possible experience and outcome to the clients who seek your help. But despite your best efforts, sometimes things can go wrong and accidents do happen.

Our specialist insurance policy for holistic and complementary therapy is designed to safeguard you against the unexpected. If a member of the public is injured or their property gets damaged, public liability cover will step in. If you use a product that causes an adverse reaction, you also get products liability. If a therapy or advice you give should result in a claim, malpractice cover keeps you protected.

Use our easy online quote tool to build the insurance policy that’s just right for you. Quick, simple and you’ll be covered instantly!

*This price is for a £3m public, products and professional treatment risk liability cover (up to £5m available) and £10k financial loss cover for a sole trader. It includes insurance premium tax and our admin charge. ALL customers will pay this amount UNLESS they choose to take out additional optional covers or treatments which are priced separately.
from £52.04* per year

What’s included

  • £3m Public Liability, Products Liability and Malpractice Cover (up to £5m available)
  • £10k Financial Loss Cover
  • Insurance Premium Tax
  • Our Admin Charge

Holistic & Complementary Insurance Sector Trades & Treatments

Which type of Holistic Gold policy do I need?

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Holistic & Complementary Insurance FAQs

What is holistic & complimentary therapy?

Holistic and complementary therapy refers to treating a patient’s whole self, including their mind, spirit, and body. Therapists may use a number of treatments in order to improve the lifestyle and well-being of their clients. Holistic therapy can be used for a huge number of issues, including, but not limited to, addiction, depression, and anxiety.


Do holistic and complimentary therapists really need insurance?

Insurance is crucial for massage therapists as the very nature of the work requires close, personal contact. Having the right insurance in place protects you from any lawsuits if you accidentally cause injury to your client. As a massage therapist, you must hold treatment risk liability insurance, as well as public liability insurance – this and more are included in our standard package. You may also consider stock and equipment insurance.

Ultimately, holistic insurance will provide protection for your complementary therapy business should a client make a claim for compensation against you. In particular, the malpractice cover will protect you from claims from clients where your services have caused them to suffer an injury.

How much is holistic therapy insurance?

Insurance for holistic and complementary therapists varies in price, depending on the business you operate and the covers you need. For public liability and malpractice insurance — the most important cover — Salon Gold’s prices start at less than £50 per year. This will increase, however, if you carry out more advanced treatments, or if you choose to add other covers, such as stock and equipment, to your policy.

Do I need to keep client records as a complimentary therapist?

In the “new normal”, it is more important than ever to have information on your clients saved correctly. Learn more in our blogs:

"Will qualifications affect my insurance?"

Talking about qualifications when trying to buy insurance for your business can be a bit daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Here at Salon Gold, we know that there is often a lot of uncertainty over what qualifications you’ll need to be covered, so we’ve compiled all the information you’ll need to know in this handy guide

Teacher Or Student Cover

Do you train other professionals to become instructors in your chosen activity? Our Teacher Training insurance is an extra optional cover. Just add it to any of our freelance hair, beauty, holistic or health & fitness policies. And we offer student insurance — at special student rates!

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