Which Physical Items Should You Consider Insuring in Your Gym?

By Darragh Timlin on April 19th, 2018

There’s certainly a feel-good factor to knowing that you are helping many people to bolster their fitness, as is the case if you run a gym. However, there are various items – both equipment and supplies – that you must source for your gym to help your clients to stay both buff and hygienic. Which items you need for your gym will be influenced by which services you wish to provide – but here at Fitness Gold, we can help you to insure those essentials if they happen to include any one or more of the following pieces.

Training bench

Many gym-goers are bound to be eager to tap into the muscle-building benefits of weight training cited by The New York Times. For the aspiring Arnold Schwarzeneggers among your gym members, you could do much worse than insure training benches, the platforms of which may be adjustable to allow for resistance training exercises.

Dumbbell set

Dumbbells are staple pieces of equipment in gyms, to the extent that Verywell Fit has even suggested a dumbbell set could be the most crucial gym equipment you buy. Dumbbells come in various sizes, shapes and materials, however. This means that when buying a set, you should note down their form so that you know what to replace them with if they are stolen or damaged.

Barbell set

With barbells, too, there are several options. These include the Olympic bar, which is 55 pounds for men and 45 for the ladies, but you might also want to insure squat racks, bench press racks and – if your budget has stretched to these – removable plates. You might even have all of these, which as a result, could be dauntingly expensive to buy again if you fail to adequately insure them before they are lost to damage or theft.

Kettlebell set

Although similar to dumbbells, kettlebells test a subtly different muscle profile. For this reason, you might have particularly enthusiastically bought some if your gym attracts many fitness veterans, so you could consider getting those kettlebells insured under contents cover from Fitness Gold.

Pull-up frame and bar

If your clients want to launch into chin-ups and pull-ups, a pull-up frame and bar will make it possible. Of course, the equipment you buy might be limited by the amount of space in your gym rather than the size of your budget, in which case, you should consider investing in a squat rack topped with a pull-up bar. That way, you can save space as well as money. The latter point would be especially valuable when it comes to insuring the equipment, as you wouldn’t need to choose an excessively high level of cover.


Your clients could throw solid cardio workouts into their routine if you include a treadmill among your gym’s equipment. You should opt for a treadmill where the inclines and speeds can be scaled up and down, and that is capable of heart rate monitoring, too. A treadmill can, however, prove a rather hefty investment if you include other, advanced features like virtual tracks, so you could factor this into your choice of insurance for the equipment.

Stationary bicycle

If the sight of your treadmill puts off some newcomers at your gym, you could include a stationary bike as an alternative for them to try. In trying it, these novice exercisers could ease themselves in gently, so to say, as it enables them to raise their heart rate in a low-impact way. Here at Fitness Gold, we offer contents insurance as standard with each of our gym insurance policies, making it easy for you to insure a stationary bicycle with little fuss.

Rowing machine

With a rowing machine, a user can test their whole body with a thorough aerobic workout. Whereas the stationary bike and treadmill are suitable for testing the lower body, your gym’s regulars can also exercise their core and upper body by using a rower. Those gym-goers can also expect calories to be fritted away as they use the rower.

Fitness ball

A key part of the beauty of a fitness ball is that it can be used for many exercises – particularly for the core. Therefore, as your clients engage in the likes of chest presses, bicep curls and plank knee tucks, they can challenge their stability as well. Therefore, it’s worth adding a fitness ball – otherwise called an exercise ball – not just to your collection of gym equipment, but also to the contents cover of an insurance policy.


Don’t let the small size of some items fool you concerning their effectiveness for fitness regimes! Hence, you shouldn’t be afraid to accessorise your gym with a rollout wheel for bringing six-packs to the fore and a wooden bar with which to stretch the upper body. However, you also mustn’t underestimate how expensive these accessories could be to replace, so you should be sure to account for them when taking out insurance from Fitness Gold.

Machine equipment

If you run an especially large gym, it might also include such equipment as cable machines, Smith machines and lever machines. However, the more you spend on equipment, the higher the stakes can be should it become unusable – for example, as a result of it becoming lost or damaged. This sheds light on why, ideally, you shouldn’t omit machine equipment from gym contents insurance.

Cleaning supplies

Some physical items aren’t always immediately visible in your gym, but still serve a crucial purpose there. These include gym wipes, which are specifically formulated for sanitising gym equipment, thereby helping to protect the workout space’s healthiness and safety. Business Partner Magazine calls cleanliness “a major selling point of any gym”, so you shouldn’t just buy gym wipes and odour control products, but also insure them.

Safety supplies and equipment

Given the continuing need for first aid at any fitness centre, you should check that you have a good supply of first aid kits. It’s a potentially scary-sounding point, but some risks of cardiovascular activities mean that you ought to have an onsite defibrillator, too. By phoning 020 8655 0444, you can learn more about how we can provide insurance for all of these items here at Fitness Gold.

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