5 ways a kinesis machine can be dynamic for your gym

By Salon Gold on March 28th, 2019

When you have your gym up and running smoothly, with subscriptions coming in and running machines and weights sorted, it can be tempting to sit back and rest on your laurels. But complacency can be a dangerous trap to fall into. Just as your gym patrons have to keep setting themselves goals to overcome, a productive strategy for you could be thinking about the next milestone you can surpass, by continuing to providing them with the best possible gym experience. One great option for making your gym more fun and useful for everyone is investing in a kinesis machine. These pared back frames, while they look complicated, can quickly become one of the most popular pieces of equipment in your gym. If you want a good reason to invest in one, we did a little research and found five:

1: The Variability

Everyone knows what a treadmill is for and what to expect on it. The same can be said for cross trainers and many other pieces of cardio equipment. Free weights are also self-explanatory, but the kinesis machine can look troublesome, the first time a patron looks at it. However, kinesis machines offer a great range of strength exercises, with a pair of chords allowing patrons to work against rotational resistance to strengthen along all axes of the body. This huge freedom of movement means users are free to work on almost any strength exercises they desire, building arms, legs and the core without leaving the machine. The freedom to work across all axes is important to a great range of gym users. While the bench for traditional bench presses is an effective way to strengthen the arm and chest muscles, it and many other pieces of equipment are focused on strengthening activity within a single plane of movement. While these pieces of equipment can be very useful for getting particular muscle groups in shape, exercising with the kinesis machine gives patrons a wider range of options and the freedom to be creative with their fitness in a safe environment.

2: Safety

The kinesis machine is, by nature, very safe. Unlike free weights, there are not heavy free objects that have a chance of falling on the patron’s foot. However, it is best to offer first-time gym users introductory sessions on this as well as other pieces of equipment when they join. This attention to safety will mean patrons are able to use the equipment safely, and also allow them to get the hang of equipment such as the kinesis machine without feeling embarrassed or unsure of how to operate it. It can seem like a hassle to offer this to every customer, but even on a piece of equipment as safe as a kinesis machine, or a treadmill, it is possible for customers not aware of the specifics of the machine to injure themselves. To defend against accidents it is important to have good gym insurance, but it is it is worth planning ahead with safety talks to reduce the chances that patrons will hurt themselves through ignorance. In the event of an accident, this can become very important and is a clear sign that you were taking steps to avoid negligent practices.

3: Keeping up with the times

Gyms and the leisure sector have been enjoying a huge boom in popularity over the past five years, with 2015 seeing a titanic 44% increase of consumer spending on gym membership that started a boom in gym expansion. There are now over seven thousand gyms in Britain. While there has never been a better time to run a gym, it is important to move with the times and to ensure that your gym offers cutting edge equipment, or you face the very real danger that your customers will go elsewhere. Kinesis machines are one of the pieces of equipment which most customers nowadays will expect to see in their gym.

4: Modular options allowing for classes

A preference for group classes was one of the strongest health trends noticed by the BBC in 2018, and that looks set to continue into 2019 with activities as diverse as spin classes, pilates, and body combat. This seems bound to be one area where the kinetic machine will lose out if sold individually; many gyms only have one or two in the entire gym so they cannot be used for group classes. However, Technogym, the field leader in kinesis equipment, offer a modular option of several kinesis machines in a row, called Kinesis Class. This option allows you to dedicate an area of your gym to three or more kinesis machines in a row. While it may take a while for groups of customers comfortable enough with the machines to take classes on them to form, once they do these close-knit classes can become some of your most loyal returning patrons, pleased to keep coming back to your gym due to this rare perk. This kind of loyalty and excitement can add a certain positive buzz to your gym which can pay dividends through social media and word of mouth, and lead to recruitment of new members.

5: The Holistic Physical Experience

Kinesis uses patented Full Gravity technology to unlock all of the body’s pathways to movement. This ability to move the whole, is often deliberately restricted in more focused pieces of weights machinery. It is therefore possible, using standard equipment to have some parts of the body grow fit and healthy while others are neglected, and never notice because you do not use, or the gym does not possess, the relevant piece of equipment for that muscle group. However, with the kinesis machine over four hundred exercises are possible, and all engage a full range of muscles. There is so much choice on a Kinesis machine that it makes sense for first time users to learn the ropes with a personal trainer. However, once they have found the exercises that work for them, your patrons will be able to work through all the exercises they need for health and strength by themselves. The kinesis machine will help your patrons with their balance and flexibility, as well as increasing their strength, and can be a tremendously useful piece of equipment.

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