New Year, New You: 5 Fitness New Year’s Resolutions & How To Stick To Them

By Salon Gold on December 15th, 2017

New Year is just around the corner, and we’re all prepared for the January 1st social media influx of inspiring quotes and photos from our loved ones’ “New Year, New Me”, ever-so-slightly clichéd, resolutions. However, cliché as it may be, most of us make these New Year promises to ourselves, even if not publicly. According to a ComRes Poll and reported by the Telegraph, 12% of resolutions revolve around spending more time with friends and family and almost all other resolutions are health-based. With 38% of people wanting to exercise more and 33% of resolutions being to lose weight, health is clearly on the UK’s mind. Unfortunately, the stats say that 80% of resolutions have been broken by the middle of February and this is mainly because, with the best of intentions, we set goals too big and unrealistic for ourselves, in the NYE moment of positivity. Real life then kicks in, leading us astray and stealing all of our spare time. Our biggest tip for your New Year’s Eve fitness resolutions is to commit to smaller chunks. Give yourself shorter timeframes, more realistic goals and remember to chart them, however you choose, so that you can begin to see real-life results. This will really spur you on to continue, if you can see actual progress within your bigger goal set. It’s important not to overwhelm yourself and set yourself up for failure before you’ve begun. So, when January rolls around, try these five fairly simple health and fitness resolutions (or however many you feel like!), which are realistic, measurable and can be adjusted to specifically fit in with your overall health goals for 2018. move more

Whatever you do, move more!

Sounds simple but this will give you motivation and more energy. Whether it’s walking the dog more or running to the shop instead of jumping in the car; more movement in daily life is the place to start. sleep better


Juxtaposing our previous resolution; getting the right amount of sleep is just as important to provide you with the mindset and energy to exercise. Tips for improving your sleep? Play toddler and set yourself a strict bedtime until you’re in a routine, put your phone down one hour before you need to sleep and invest in new pillows! new fitness class

Try something new

So you don’t get bored; step out of your comfort zone and just try something new. Maybe you’ve been avoiding spin class all 2017 because it looks pretty hardcore, but maybe, just maybe, it’s exactly what you need. meditation

Commit to a little meditation

Ten minutes of meditation daily can focus and calm your mind, decrease stress and help you make better decisions. It’s always good to remember that taking care of the mind is just as important as focusing on your body’s health. fitness app

Download a fitness app & actually use it

Nothing is a miracle path to achieving personal fitness goals. However, there are hundreds of apps available now, which can be there to give you a little extra motivation. Try the Nike+ Training Club app. With over 20 million downloads since it’s launch, it’s 130+ training sessions might just inspire you to create a new workout for yourself and keep you on track. Remember, these are your personal goals and you’ve set them to better yourself. So, give yourself a break, don’t ruin the basis of your resolutions by applying too much pressure and try to practice a little #selflove. Good luck! What are your new year’s resolutions for 2018? Share yours with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter. Fitness Gold provides insurance for personal trainers and insurance for fitness instructors. For further information, please visit our Personal Trainer Insurance or Fitness Instructor Insurance pages.

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