The Tech Revolution: The Latest Fitness Gadgets That Are Changing The Way We Look At Staying In Shape

By Salon Gold on April 15th, 2020

If you are a fitness junkie, then you know that having the latest gadget is a must. Whether you’re a cyclist, a runner, a bodybuilder or a gym bunny, gadgets help you get to your goals and gadgets keep you on track. Advances in technology over the years means that we have amazing levels of data and details available to us and, whether you’re training for an event or simply want a motivational boost, gadgets are a fitness junkie’s best friend. We have apps that can do anything from calculate your calorie consumption to providing a virtual personal fitness coach. Keeping fit has never been so much fun with incentivised goals and virtual competitions that you can enter. You can be on a bike in your local gym but replicating a mountain bike trail on the other side of the world. Fitness technology has come a very long way and it will continue to make huge strides in the years to come. Here are some of the fitness gadgets that are leading the popularity race right now: smart shoes

Smart shoes

Sick of wearing a watch or carrying your phone to track your activity? Worry no more as you now have the option to buy smart shoes, which will do the same job. Watches can be annoying and who wants a sun tan with a white watch mark? Mobile phones can be heavy and if you don’t have pockets when you go running, then carrying it can be really inconvenient. Many of the top trainer retailers are now providing a range of smart shoes that will record all of the data that you need, without the need to take your phone or watch out with you. We’d recommend the Under Armor SpeedForm® running shoes – they’re the perfect blend of balance, form and tech, and are great for those who are really serious about their running. fitbit alta hr

Fitbit Alta HR

You’ve probably heard all about Fitbit and what it can do but its latest offering is even better than its predecessors. Not only can you monitor exercise, but with the Fitbit Alta HR, you can also get data on your sleeping patterns, which is an area that more people are expected to turn their focus to. A lot of recent research has highlighted the importance of sleep on your overall health and this model takes this new demand into account. Myontec Mbody connected shorts

Myontec Mbody connected shorts

These don’t come cheap at around £700 for one pair, but they’re the must-have item for many athletes competing in the cycling and triathlon disciplines. Features include muscle load data, cadence, speed, distance and much more without wearing any additional items like a watch. You probably won’t see people modelling these in your local gym, but for the elite athletes or the people with a healthy budget for their fitness gadgets, these are all the rage. You can purchase your pair here, and thank us later!

Smart bicycle helmet

Wearing a helmet for cycling has long been a safety necessity but now cycling helmets are offering their wearer a whole lot more. Smart helmets, like Livall’s BH60 Bling Helmet, mean that you no longer require fiddly headphones that constantly fall out or get tangled in your helmet straps, as you have in-built earphones in the helmet itself. It also tracks your mileage and has even better safety features than their original purpose of protecting your skull from serious injury. Smart helmets are set up to send an alert to your designated person should you have a collision, thanks to the in-built collision detection software. That’s certainly a very impressive feature that will stop your family from worrying as much when you go out on the road. These are just four of the top gadgets available to you right now but the fitness gadget market is absolutely awash with excellent gadgets that can up your game and improve your fitness. What’s the fitness gadget you couldn’t live without? Share your favourite with us in the comments on Facebook. Fitness Gold provides insurance for personal trainers and insurance for fitness instructors. For further information, please visit our Personal Trainer Insurance or Fitness Instructor Insurance pages.

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