Stay Ahead of The Game: Katie Godfrey’s Top Tips for Getting More Clients Into Your Beauty Salon


Katie Godfrey is the entrepreneur behind the KG brand, and single-handedly built her empire from a single salon bought aged 19 as a school leaver with no qualifications, to a chain of salons, a UK-wide beauty training academy, an eyelash product range and a salon coaching business.

In addition to maintaining the salon and pro businesses, Katie is a dedicated business mentor and looks after over 35 salons.

This week I wanted to give you beauty professionals out there some top tips to stay ahead of your game and to make sure you stand out as a business. One of the questions I get asked the most whilst mentoring is ‘how can I get more clients?’ But before you focus on attracting more clients to your beauty salon or mobile business, you need to look within and work on yourself. My top tips are…

Train, train, train!

Education is key. Even if you have already completed a training course, why stop there? It’s so important to continue learning and I recommend budgeting to do at least one training course per year. I’m based in the UK and although it’s a little crazy, I flew all the way to New York to learn Russian Volume Lashes, as at the time it was the only company that was offering this type of training. I wanted to train with the best of the best so I could offer high quality treatments in my salon and pass on the skills learnt to my students. It was worth every penny and made a HUGE difference to my company.

Although I’m not advocating going all the way to New York, I always advise people to make sure that you train with someone or a brand that you look up to, that inspires you and has great reviews. They may not be on your doorstep but even if it’s a 30-mile trip, the benefits to your business will be huge. Constantly learning means you’re kept up to date.


One of my favourite sayings is ‘All great leaders are readers’. The beauty industry is forever changing with new products, techniques, treatments and business skills. All of these can be learnt through reading. It doesn’t have to be a book; it could be researching online, going on Facebook industry groups and looking at forums. There are so many ways to stay knowledgeable and this way you will be ahead of the game when it comes to industry trends and treatments.

Charge your worth!

Training takes a lot of time and investment, so does building your business and paying your staff. You need to make sure you are charging the right amount in order to run a profitable business. After all, if you’re not charging correctly, you may as well go and work for someone else. Look at your figures and see how much you need to make per hour to bring in the income you require. If you charge low, you attract low paying clients whereas if you price high, you attract higher paying clients so it’s important to know your target audience.

Be sociable!

When posting on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, try not to be too salesy. Of course, put your portfolio up as clients will want to see your work, but they don’t always want to know you have free space or a special offer on. Social media is called ‘social’ for a reason; it isn’t a selling site. Share your tips on how to make their treatment last longer, throw in competitions, before and afters and inspirational quotes. Engage in your posts, responding to comments and interact with your followers’ posts. It’s all about building a relationship to help you in the long run. If you don’t, you will only gain short-term clients.

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