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Henna is a traditional form of body art that’s been around for thousands of years, and uses the ground-up dried leaves of the henna plant to act as a stain on the skin, which creates temporary tattoos. It originates from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, but has become increasingly popular in Western cultures as an alternative to permanent tattoos, or even as a fashion statement for special events. Pure henna is naturally plant derived, which means that some people may suffer from an allergic reaction to the plant. Some henna may even have additional chemicals and dyes added to alter the colour or make it more vibrant, which could also cause an allergy when applied to the skin. In these instances, your client may choose to file a claim against you for causing a reaction.

If you were to face these claims, you could find yourself buried under legal fees as well as compensation costs. This may leave your business and reputation damaged, making it difficult for you to continue working. Here at Salon Gold, our aim is to protect your business with our comprehensive insurance policies, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you’ll be fully covered if an accident does happen.

What do you get with our Henna Art Insurance?

If you work in the hair and beauty industry, you can enjoy public liability, product liability, and professional treatment risk insurance of up to £3 million as standard. Here at Salon Gold, we offer this as standard with all of our cover, as well as offering optional covers that can be easily added to your policy. This includes financial loss to protect your customers if they were to lose out financially as a result of something you have done, as well as personal accident insurance to cover you in case an accident leaves you unable to work.

We offer our clients insurance packages completely tailored to their business needs, offering the most affordable quotes. If you’re self-employed and offer henna art as a beauty service to your clients, you need to ensure you’re suitably covered with your insurance in the event of any accidents and emergencies. A Salon Gold insurance policy means you only need to worry about offering your clients the best service, while you’re safe in the knowledge that our affordable rates and comprehensive cover will safeguard your business against any potentially costly claims.

*This price is for a £3m public, products and professional treatment risk liability cover (up to £5m available) and £10k financial loss cover for a sole trader. It includes insurance premium tax and our admin charge. ALL customers will pay this amount UNLESS they choose to take out additional optional covers or treatments which are priced separately.
from £52.04* per year

What’s included

  • £3m Public, Products and Professional Treatment Risk Liability Cover (up to £5m available)
  • £10k Financial Loss Cover
  • Insurance Premium Tax
  • Our Admin Charge
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Which type of Salon Gold policy do I need?

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"Will qualifications affect my insurance?"

Talking about qualifications when trying to buy insurance for your business can be a bit daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Here at Salon Gold, we know that there is often a lot of uncertainty over what qualifications you’ll need to be covered, so we’ve compiled all the information you’ll need to know in this handy guide

Teacher Or Student Cover

Do you train other professionals to become instructors in your chosen activity? Our Teacher Training insurance is an extra optional cover. Just add it to any of our freelance hair, beauty, holistic or health & fitness policies. And we offer student insurance — at special student rates!

Henna art insurance FAQs

Can henna art be done mobile?

Mobile beauty therapists can offer henna art as a service, as it only involves the use of a handheld cone to pipe the henna onto the skin into the desired pattern.

What insurance do I need for henna art?

For henna art, you need to hold at least public liability, products liability, and treatment cover risk. Public liability insurance is the most important cover for any beauty therapist, as it protects you financially against any compensation claims that may be made against you and your business regarding injury or damage to a client or their property. These kinds of claims are often expensive to settle and you run the risk of being left bankrupt if you don’t have the right insurance policy in place. Products liability insurance covers you in the event a claim is made against the products you use or supply to your clients. Treatment risk cover protects you against any problems that may come up as a direct result of the henna you use on your client’s skin. All of these insurance policies are offered as standard with our mobile beauty insurance policies.

How much is henna art insurance?

Here at Salon Gold, we offer henna art insurance as part of our beauty insurance policies. The overall cost of your policy is determined by any extra cover you may want to include as well as your experience working in the industry and your claims history. Get in touch with our team to start building your own insurance package at a budget that’s suited to you.

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