Cancer Awareness Nail Art – Step by Step from GELLUX


Salon System nail expert Julie Anne has created a simple step-by-step look using GELLUX for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

Step 1

Prepare the nails. File to shape and push back cuticles and buff nail plate. Cleanse nails with GELLUX Profile Prep + Wipe (£4.05 + VAT)

Step 2

Apply GELLUX Fast Bond (£5.85 + VAT) to nails and let dry. Apply GELLUX Easy Off Base Coat (£11.95 + VAT), cure.

Step 3

Apply two layers of GELLUX Piggy Pink (£7.25 + VAT) curing after each layer.

Step 4

Dip a medium liner brush into GELLUX You Can Can (£7.25 + VAT) and create some uneven lines on each nail, don’t cure.

Step 5

Dip the same liner brush into GELLUX Easy Off Base Coat (£11.95 + VAT). Gently go over the lines you created using dabbing motions. Leave it to bloom, you can blend these a little more if they haven’t spread enough. Then cure.

Step 6

Using the same medium liner brush, dip into GELLUX You Can Can and create a bow on the middle finger and carry the ribbons ton to the index and ring finger, and cure.

Step 7

With a fine liner brush, dip into GELLUX Goldmine (£7.25 + VAT) and outline the bow, and cure.

Step 8

Apply GELLUX Shiny Top Coat (£11.95 + VAT) and cure. Wipe with GELLUX Prep + Wipe (£4.05 + VAT) and apply GELLUX Nail & Cuticle Oil (£4.34 + VAT)


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