Employer’s Liability Insurance: Top Tips For Hairdressers & Therapists

By Darragh Timlin on September 24th, 2016

As a hairdresser or therapist you are exposed to Employers Liability insurance claims from your staff if they are injured at work as a result of your negligence.

If you work in an office or your job involves spending long periods in the car, sitting all day can be terrible for your health. But so can standing on your feet.

As a hairdresser or therapist, your job requires you to stand for the most part of the day.  You need to consider the implications this can have on you and your staff.  The last thing you would want is to suffer pain yourself or have an Employers Liability insurance claim from a member of your team.  You need to offer support to your staff to prevent any form of injury caused in the workplace.

Bad posture and standing for long periods can lead you to develop problems from the waist down in terms of swelling of joints and hips.  You can also experience lower back pain, tight calves and pains in your feet. With a few simple adjustments you can help reduce the implications standing on your feet brings.  These adjustments also work if you spend a day sitting and doing your paperwork!. You can even do these on your lunch break – when you have time for one!

Alternate standing with sitting

This is easier said than done but do try to sit when you can whether it’s your break or maybe you are in a slow period.  Some hairdressers try and sit when they are cutting hair to minimise the impact of standing all day.

Change positions

Try standing in different positions to move your weight around. Do try to avoid standing with all weight on one side for long periods of time.

Wear comfortable and supportive shoes

When you’ve been stood on your feet for most of the day the last thing you care about is what your shoes look like. Invest in a pair of supportive shoes that are comfortable to wear.

Cover hard floors

Most salons have hard flooring.  If this is the case consider a rubber mat or even a rug to be placed where you tend to stand the most. This will cushion and reduce the impact on your legs and feet.

Alternating knee flexion

To help loosen your quadriceps – the four major muscles in the front of your thighs – try and bend your knee and bring your heel to your buttocks. Do not try and force this, only go as far as you naturally can.  This may look a little odd in the salon but you could have some fun with the team and take turns with this exercise!

Figure-8 hip rotations

Even more difficult to do in a crowded salon than alternating knee flexion.  However circling your hips in a figure-8 motion will prevent hip tightness in the lower extremities by shifting your balance from one side to the other.  Just make sure the salon is empty before you and your staff try this one!

Hamstring stretch

Sit with the leg to be stretched just in front with the other tucked in. Place your hands on your thigh of the straight leg. Then slowly follow your hands to the tips of your toes whilst leaning in to your hips. If you can’t feel a stretch, lean further forwards or tilt your pelvis forwards.

Calf stretch

Place both hands on the wall with your right leg forward, flat on the floor and extend your left leg straight back, also with your foot flat on the floor. Do not bend your back knee – just lean into the wall until you can feel the stretch in the calf of the straight leg. Hold for 30 seconds and switch legs.

These adjustments are to help ease the pain and discomfort you may experience whilst sitting or standing throughout your day.

We would recommend you see your doctor if these problems worsen or you have a serious injury.

Further information

If you employ staff, you have an obligation to ensure that you create a safe working environment for them.  The tips above could be useful for all members of your team.

Employers liability insurance is a legal requirement if you employ staff. It protects you against claims from employees who suffer an illness or injury at work and decide to seek compensation from you.

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