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Hairdressing insurance for mobile businesses

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Hairdressers know it isn’t just about new dos and colours – it’s about all the life events where people want to feel good about themselves. You know that making someone’s day can be as simple as a chinwag and a blow dry and you want to bring great hair, and confidence, to the masses. But sometimes, things don’t always go to plan and when you’re working as a freelance or mobile hairdresser, you’re subject to a unique set of risks.

A routine bleaching treatment might badly damage your client’s hair, causing hair breakage or a blistered scalp. And if you’re faced with a compensation claim, having the right insurance in place is vital to protect the future of your business. At Salon Gold, we know that hairdressing accidents can and do happen and full treatment liability cover is central to our Salon Gold hairdressing insurance policy. So you can spend more time doing what you love, while we make sure your path ahead is clear.

What do you get with hairdressing insurance?

Our hairdressing insurance policies include automatic covers such as public liability insurance, and as you’ll be working with clients, either at your home or theirs, or from business premises, public liability cover should be at the centre of your policy. This cover protects you if a client or member of the public makes a claim for property damage or injury. Other automatic covers include product liability, which is essential in the event that a product you make or supply causes personal injury, and professional treatment risk to secure your business if a treatment goes wrong. You can also add a number of optional covers to your policy, including stock & equipment insurance, money cover and legal expenses.

At Salon Gold, we design specialist insurance packages to suit the needs of your business, at a surprisingly affordable price. Working as a freelance or mobile hairdresser means you’ll be self-employed and therefore responsible for arranging your own insurance policy. You’ll know that your business is protected with the right insurance for your profession, so you can do what you love doing, with perfect peace of mind.

*This price is for a £3m public, products and professional treatment risk liability cover (up to £5m available) and £10k financial loss cover for a sole trader. It includes insurance premium tax and our admin charge. ALL customers will pay this amount UNLESS they choose to take out additional optional covers or treatments which are priced separately.
from £49.80* per year

What’s included

  • £3m Public, Products and Professional Treatment Risk Liability Cover (up to £5m available)
  • £10k Financial Loss Cover
  • Insurance Premium Tax
  • Our Admin Charge
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Which type of Salon Gold policy do I need?

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Our Hairdressing Covers

Our Hairdresser Treatments

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Automatically Covered

  • Washing, styling, cutting, application of hair extensions and drying of hair
  • Tinting, dyeing, bleaching or permanent waving of hair
  • Special treatment of hair including chemical straightening conditioning treatments up to 0.2% formaldehyde
  • Eyebrow treatments including plucking, shaping, tinting, threading, waxing, HD Brows, henna and lamination
  • Eyelash treatments including tinting, lifting, perming and applying false eyelashes
  • Cutting and shaping of nails including application of acrylic coatings
  • Application of tooth jewellery
  • Ear piercing by gun and stud method
  • False eyelashes, including semi-permanent eyelash extensions
  • Use of electrical equipment such as tongs, curlers or straighteners
  • Use of cut throat razors, hair clippers and trimmers

"Will qualifications affect my insurance?"

Talking about qualifications when trying to buy insurance for your business can be a bit daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Here at Salon Gold, we know that there is often a lot of uncertainty over what qualifications you’ll need to be covered, so we’ve compiled all the information you’ll need to know in this handy guide

Teacher Or Student Cover

Do you train other professionals to become instructors in your chosen activity? Our Teacher Training insurance is an extra optional cover. Just add it to any of our freelance hair, beauty, holistic or health & fitness policies. And we offer student insurance — at special student rates!

Insurance FAQs

Do mobile hairdressers need insurance?

The range of tools and products you use as a hairdresser creates various risks, as they could potentially harm you or your clients — you might accidentally slip while cutting a client’s hair, or they may be allergic to a bleach product you use. As such, a hairdressing insurance policy is essential protection for your business should any incident like this happen. Without a Salon Gold hairdressing insurance package, you may find yourself in hot water financially if a client makes a claim against you, especially considering the fact that, as a freelance or mobile hairdresser, you run the show yourself, meaning there could be more at stake.

Public liability and treatment risk liability insurance is essential for any mobile hairdresser. Without this cover you would be liable to pay compensation claims if a customer were to be injured during the course of a treatment. Claims for injuries such as a reaction to a hair colour treatment can cost thousands. Mobile hairdressers may also choose to protect their stock and equipment from damage or theft.

What treatments are covered by hairdressing insurance?

A hairdressing insurance package with Salon Gold automatically covers a variety of treatments. These include the application of dyes, tints, bleaches and perms, special hair treatments such as straightening and conditioning treatments, and the use of electrical equipment like tongs, hair dryers and curlers.

See the full list of treatments covered in the drop down above.

How much does hairdressing insurance cost?

The cost of your hairdressing insurance policy will depend on whether you choose to add any of our optional covers to your insurance policy, as these come at an extra cost. However, there’s more to our policies than the number of covers, and what you take out with us is entirely dictated by your own individual business model. Here at Salon Gold our policies are always affordable, no matter what your insurance requirements, so contact us today to discuss your needs and receive a free quote.

What insurance does a mobile hairdresser need?

A mobile hairdresser would benefit from a number of different insurance covers including:

  • Public liability insurance
  • Treatment risk liability insurance
  • Products liability insurance
  • Stock & Equipment cover
  • Legal expenses insurance
  • Personal accident insurance

Why do hairdressers need insurance?

Hairdressers need insurance to protect them against any claims for compensation made against them. Without insurance, the hairdresser would be liable to pay compensation if a client were to suffer a reaction to a colour treatment for example. Hairdressers can also take out cover for their stock and equipment and other insurances but public liability and treatment risk liability is the most important cover for a hairdresser.

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