Going It Alone: Our Guide to Setting Up a Mobile Hair and Beauty Business

Dean Laming ACIIBy Dean Laming on June 24th, 2017

Do you hold the belief that hairdressers and beauty professionals can make a living only when hired by a high-street salon? This is far from the truth. A quick search on social media or local listings will show you many skilful professionals in the hair and beauty industry who are actually home-based and thriving.

You can set up a mobile business in this field, even if working on your own frightens you. Let the Internet be your window display. It’s where most clients are looking for services, anyway.

To become a freelance and mobile professional, see the essential stages below:

understanding customers

Understand your crowd

Most likely, you won’t be actually ‘stealing’ clients from the famous salons out there. The experience is a very different one for customers. Those who are committed to their high-street salons are there for the whole package: a luxurious place, a relaxing oasis, isolated from the noisy world. Going to a freelance hair dresser or beautician is a different matter. It’s a one-on-one interaction in the comfort of the client’s home. These people are more concerned with the job and the price, not with all the other elements.

experience and diplomas

Experience & diplomas

If you decide to work on your own, then you will still need some experience. Sure, you may go down the beaten path, which many have tried, but not with the greatest results: experimenting on your friends and family. The best way to get some experience is by working for a salon for several months. But before that, attend an accredited course – it usually lasts only several months. Freelancers need credentials, too.


Get qualified

No matter which profession you fall under, all mobile and freelance professionals need some form of qualification. Useful particularly when you need to get insurance, your qualification can also boost your client’s confidence in your ability. If you are currently involved with another job and cannot leave it yet, do an evening course or a flexible one in order to get your qualifications. Don’t just focus on learning a skill; also learn about safety and hygiene, about customer service, anatomy and all connected topics.

arranging your business

Arrange your mobile business

Freelancers working in a mobile manner need adequate equipment. Apart from that, you may need a trolley large enough to contain it, for transportation reasons. You should also consider owning and driving a car to get to your clients’ domicile.

Last, but one of the most important considerations for setting up your mobile business, you’ll also need insurance specifically for mobile and freelance professionals – we offer variety of policies catered to a number of different professions in the mobile and freelance sector, ensuring you get all the protection you need, when you need it most.

freelance advertising

Start advertising

This part requires time and money on your side; advertising is a non-existent worry when you work in a salon, but freelancing totally calls for it. Choose whichever channel you deem suitable and don’t ignore social media. Your contacts may be willing to spread the word and share your posts. Flyers and business cards are another good idea. Also, you may want to work with a SEO specialist, who will optimise your pages and campaigns, to make them rank high in search engine results and be found by the interested crowd. It’s a great idea to invest in this particular service called ‘local SEO’.

getting to know customers

Get to know your own customers

Once you have built a rapport with your customers, you can use this to your advantage. If your clientele is more interested in a good service than a cheap price, then you can safely increase the costs at some point. Customers who appreciate someone’s service will become loyal and stick around. Once they have created a habit, most of them won’t be willing to change it.

Once you’ve followed these steps, you’ll find your business is raring to go, but all that extra work doesn’t end here. Run competitions online and set up discounts to attract more customers. Remember to always stay updated on the latest trends, otherwise you risk becoming irrelevant.

Have you got any tips for budding young freelance and mobile professionals, looking to start up their businesses? Share your tricks of the trade with us on Facebook and Twitter. Follow our Pinterest on Salon Gold.

Salon Gold also provides insurance for freelance and mobile hair and beauty professionals, covering a wide range of occupations. For further information, please visit our Freelance & Mobile Insurance page.

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