The Different Types of Barber’s Insurance You Need

By Darragh Timlin on January 19th, 2019

Barbers offer a wide array of services to men. From wet and dry cuts, cut-throat shaves and beard trims, staying posh and dapper requires the hands of a skilled tradesman.

In the UK, the most popular service requested by customers at a barber shop is a re-style, with the cut-throat shave coming in a close second. However, regardless of why your customers are coming to see you, one thing is for sure: you need to protect yourself and your business.

The best way to acquire this protection and peace of mind is by purchasing barber’s insurance. Not sure what you need? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. The information here will give you an idea of the type of insurance coverage you need for your barbershop.

Is Barbers Insurance Really Necessary?

Before diving into the types of insurance you need to buy, it’s a good idea to see why this coverage is so important.

As a barber, you are a business owner. Like any other business owner, you need the right amount of coverage to avoid high-cost claims. Without this protection, your business and reputation may be at risk.

Some of the most common reasons claims against barbers occur are due to:

  • Bald patches or burns resulting from improper product usage
  • Allergic reactions to certain chemicals
  • Cuts, nicks, and bleeding

We recommend that you buy coverage for yourself, as well as your business, to ensure these types of claims are manageable.

The Barber Shop Policy

Most barber shops buy a Barber Shop Policy, which is also called a salon policy. This policy protects your business. It offers protection for your barber shop, like a homeowner’s insurance plan protects your home and belongings.

With this, you are combining three types of insurance. Each is crucial and a must-have for any small business. What’s even better about the barbershop policy is that since your combining policies, you can also save money.

The three types of insurance included are:

Public Liability

Public liability insurance provides protection for your barber shop against court cases claiming property damage or injuries resulting from business operations. An example of this would be if a customer slipped on a wet floor and suffered an injury. Another example is if an employee causes damages to someone’s property while on a house call.

In some cases, this can even cover claims related to slander and libel. Keep in mind, business liability doesn’t cover the liabilities arising directly out of the services you provide.

Commercial Property

This policy provides protection for your place of business. It also covers your equipment and inventory. It covers any item used for conducting business, such as hair products, combs, scissors, and furniture. This is true regardless of if you own or lease the items.

Business Interruption

The business income part of the policy provides coverage for any loss of income you incur if you can’t run your shop due to covered property damage.

Mobile Barber Insurance

Do you visit your customer’s houses or places of business to provide your barber services? If so, you’re considered a mobile barber.

If this is your business set up, then your day to day activities are likely much different than a salon-based barber. Even if you only make home visits from time to time, you need mobile barber coverage.

In addition to purchasing coverage for providing services at someone else’s home, you need commercial vehicle insurance. This covers the vehicle you use for your home-based appointments.

Stock and Equipment

In the events of your stock or equipment being stolen or destroyed, your policy will cover the costs. As a mobile barber, your equipment is essential and adds up to a considerable amount when factoring in scissors, razors, clippers and cases.

Treatment Risk Insurance

Hot surfaces, clippers, chemicals, razors and other items mean that mistakes and accidents can happen. If they do, a customer could sue you for damages and expenses.

With treatment risk insurance, you have protection. It will help protect your assets and cover the cost of your defense if you have a court case filed against you.

Employers’ Liability Coverage

Employers’ Liability insurance offers benefits to your employees for work-related illnesses and injuries including wages from lost work time, medical care and more.

It doesn’t only protect the employee, though. If a worker’s family decides to sue you, the coverage can help you with the related legal fees.

Purchasing Barber’s Insurance: Don’t Wait

As you can see, there are many different types of barber’s insurance you can purchase to protect yourself and your business. Don’t wait to get the coverage needed, or it could be devastating to your business.

If you need more information about barber’s insurance, visit our blog. Here you can also learn about products that can help your hair grow. We are here to provide any and all salon and barber related information and resources you are looking for, get a quote from us today!

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