Life after lash extensions: caring for your natural lashes after removal

By Salon Gold on May 13th, 2024

If you have ever indulged in getting eyelash extensions, then you’ll know that they are a blessing. With them, there’s no need to fumble with your mascara in the mornings —  you can simply flutter your eyes open and be instantly glamourous. But when a month ticks by, clusters can begin to fall out, leaving you with a patchy, uneven look — especially if you attempt to remove the extensions yourself.

Do you still want to feel lash-cious after removing your extensions? Well, let us show you why you should always consider going to a qualified technician when removing extensions, and how to maintain aftercare between extensions.

Importance of Professional Care

Lash extensions usually last around four to six weeks, or as long as the natural growth cycle. You can remove them early, but it is important that a professional does it. You also have the option of waiting it out and letting your lashes fall on their own accord. However, if you attempt to remove your lashes by yourself, pulling at each extension, this can prematurely remove the natural eyelash and take between nine to twelve weeks for lash regrowth. It can also lead to lash breakage, tearing, or sparse lashes.

Using a qualified beautician to remove eyelash extensions greatly reduces the risk of damage to your natural lashes. Often, when clients attempt to remove the extensions themselves, technicians are left to deal with the aftermath of pulled-out lash clusters and flustered clients who require a corrective treatment.

Furthermore, a client may need to remove their extensions due to an allergic reaction, infection, improper application of lashes. Incidents such as these can be made into claims against your business and services. This is why it’s crucial for us, as lash professionals, to make the decision to invest in eyelash extension insurance to protect our services should incidents like this occur.

How to care for your eyelashes after extensions

If you want healthy, luscious lashes following professional lash extension removal, caring for your natural lashes is a must. Here are some top aftercare tips:

1. Avoid rubbing your eyes

Refrain from rubbing or touching the eye area after a removal session as this can irritate your lashes, resulting in lash breakage and hinder future growth.

2. Use a gentle lash cleanser

Throughout your lash extension set, your lash technician should recommend using a foaming lash cleaner daily to maintain the hygiene of the eye area. After your eyelash extensions have been removed, it’s advisable to continue to cleanse your lashes everyday, especially if you have been wearing eye makeup, such as eyeshadow or mascara.

3. Use a nourishing lash serum

If you consistently get lash extensions, this can damage or weaken your natural lashes.  Incorporating a lash conditioner or lash growth serum, like UKLash, into your beauty routine every night, can promote lash health. Your lashes can become stronger, healthier and up to 70% fuller. Sounds lash-tastic to us.

4. Skip the mascara

Try not to use mascara for a few days after removing lash extensions so that your eyelids and natural lashes can have a break.

Want to learn more about how to take care of your eyelash extensions? Check out our guide here. Following these aftercare tips during your eyelash extension sets will help avoid future damages.

Final thoughts

If you are looking to fall out of bed with lashes like a celebrity every morning, eyelash extensions are a worthy splurge. 

To maintain a full set of fluffy lashes, we recommend getting regular infills. Infills will be decided by the beautician who examines the state of your natural lashes and the amount of adhesive  already applied to avoid product build-up and are an essential maintenance step in between the application of new full sets.

However, it is crucial that if you no longer want your eyelash extensions for any reason, you must fight the urge to pull them out yourself. It’s best to go to a qualified lash technician who can remove them safely and with minimal damage.

To protect your lash business, it is essential to have public liability insurance. Without this, you could be liable for any medical expenses or damages from client injuries. Salon Gold offers insurance packages for those in the hair, eyelash and beauty industry. This way, you can continue to make people feel beautiful while protecting your business from any potential claims from clients.

For more information or any questions, contact us or get a quote here.

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