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What is Chemical Acid Peel Insurance?


Chemical peels and acid peels are a popular treatment offered by many beauticians and beauty salons to revitalise the skin without the need for surgical techniques. They can either be a deep treatment to revitalise skin cells or a process to remove the top layer of skin through the use of chemical solutions. This process is a popular treatment for some types of scars, persistent acne or growths on the skin. However as the process requires the use of chemical solutions it comes with a certain degree of risk attached, as the process involves the use of chemicals to treat the skin.

What is chemical acid peel insurance?

Chemical peel insurance, also known as acid peel insurance, is a type of cosmetic insurance available to beauty professionals or salons to cover their application of chemical peels to customers. It can also be provided to customers to cover their treatment, but the cost of the process is very rarely covered by insurance.

Where is it available from?

Insurance for chemical peels is widely available from private insurance firms, with cover available from monthly to annual, and covers all processes that involve the use of chemicals. Most insurance firms offer packages which include cover for chemical and acid peels, as well as multiple other treatments considered in the same risk category. These packages are usually the most cost-efficient.

What types of insurance are available?

Types of insurance available are freelance or self-employed insurance, complete salon or business package or student insurance. The insurance primarily covers the beautician’s liability, ensuring their business or reputation isn’t permanently damaged, as well as covering the issue of compensation needing to be paid out, reducing the potential financial damage to the salon or professional.

Annual insurance is often the most cost-effective package for a professional to apply for, as the price can be as little as £51 annually, which provides the professional with cover for the use of chemical and acid peels for a year. This cover is often a package deal covering the salon or professional for multiple processes, and can often be tailor-made by private insurance companies to suit the needs of the professional or business.

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