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Questions, Questions, Questions

Over our 35 years in the business, we’ve been asked a lot of questions by professionals with freelance and mobile businesses regarding the cover we can offer them. We’ve compiled all these questions into an FAQ specifically for these self-employed professionals, to ensure you get all the answers to your most burning questions.

If your question isn’t listed, please feel free to give us a call and one of our team would be more than happy to assist you with your enquiry.

Is it essential that I take out public liability insurance?

It’s not compulsory but claims for damages are on the increase and without adequate public liability for the treatments you undertake, you would be personally liable if a client suffers an injury caused by you.

What happens if I train in new treatments or therapies?

Our policy will automatically provide cover for ALL treatments listed under your trade category providing you hold a UK recognised and accredited qualification in any treatments undertaken.

Please click on your trade category below to view a full list of treatments covered:

Beauty Therapist
Counselling / Psychotherapy
Face Painting
Gym Instructor / Personal Trainer (includes Dance / Yoga Instructors)
Holistic / Complementary Therapist
Makeup Artist
Nail Technician
Nutritional Therapist
Student (to cover case study work)

Do you provide cover if I work abroad?

Our Salon Gold freelance policy automatically provides cover for temporary (up to 14 days per trip) work anywhere in the world (excluding the USA/Canada). So if you decide to provide a treatment whilst on holiday or if a friend wants you to hold a pamper party in their villa in Spain for example, you will automatically be covered.

Do I really need cover even if I only carry out treatments informally or on friends and family?

Many therapists start out by treating their friends and acquaintances on an informal basis. Cover is not essential for this activity, however there is still a chance that things could go wrong and that people could sue you so we would advise all clients to ensure they are adequately protected.

Am I covered for teaching or training others in my chosen therapies?

This is not included as standard. However, providing you hold a UK recognised teaching qualification, the policy can be extended to include this, at an additional premium of £50.00 (excluding insurance premium tax).

Am I covered if I see clients at home?

Yes, the policy covers you to work at or from any location, provided that you live, and are based in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. This includes your home, and the cover is not restricted in any way by working from home. You may find however that your home insurers restrict or invalidate your home insurance if you have business visitors to your home. If this is the case, we can provide you with a “Working from Home” policy which will cover you to see clients at home. Please contact us.

What should I do if I think I might need to claim?

You should notify us immediately, even if you only think you might need to make a claim. We are here to help and quick action could mitigate costs or even prevent a claim. Equally, if you have a routine query on which you would like our opinion, we are always happy to help.

What happens if I make a claim?

Salon Gold will help you through the claims process and work with you to get a settlement from the insurer. With our in-depth knowledge of the policy cover and our strong relationships with the insurer, we’re well placed to ensure that you and your business get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Do I need to pay any legal costs up front?

No. The insurers will appoint solicitors, where appropriate, to represent you and will pay them directly. You do not need to make any payments to solicitors.

Why should I arrange my insurance with Salon Gold?

The benefits of arranging your insurance with Salon Gold include:

  • We have some of the most competitive rates available on the web
  • Our policy covers are some of the widest around
  • We have been offering insurance to businesses like yours for almost 30 years
  • We have provided protection for more than 50,000 customers over the years
  • We do not use call centres and are on hand to assist you with any queries you may have
  • We will work with you to support you in the event of a claim
Which insurer do you use?

Our Salon Gold Freelance insurance policy is underwritten by Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s. Lloyd’s of London has been awarded an A rating by Standard and Poor’s for its financial strength and ability to meet ongoing financial commitments. Lloyd’s is the largest and oldest insurance market place in the world.

What does ‘limit of indemnity’ mean?

The limit of indemnity is the maximum amount the insurer will pay out to defend a compensation claim. Legal costs are payable in addition to this amount. The standard limit of indemnity with Salon Gold is £3,000,000 and this can be increased to £5,000,000 for an additional premium. If for example you had a limit of indemnity of £3m we would pay up to £3m in damages, plus your legal costs.

Where does the policy allow me to work?

The policy allows you to work anywhere in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man (provided that your main residence is in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man), whether that be from your premises, from a customers’ premises, from home or on a mobile basis. You will also have temporary cover (up to 14 days) for work anywhere in the world excluding the USA/Canada.

What is the Non-Injury Treatment Extension?

This provides protection in the event that a customer or member of the public suffers a financial loss as a result of work or a treatment carried out by you in connection with your business. The standard limit under the policy is £10,000 but can be increased for an additional premium. There is a £1,000 excess (or 10% of the claim, whichever is greater) in respect of this cover.

Any financial loss suffered by a customer caused by injury or property damage would be considered under the Public and Products section of the policy.

Can I pay my premium in instalments?

Yes, at Salon Gold we understand that paying your insurance premium in manageable monthly instalments can really improve cashflow within your business. Providing your premium is more than £125 we can offer a monthly instalment plan at a very competitive rate.

Are you authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority?

Yes, Salon Gold is a product of Henry Seymour & Co (Barkdene Ltd) which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

What if the treatments I undertake are not listed or are slightly different to your listed treatments?

Don’t worry – if you are unable to find your treatment on our treatment lists, please contact us and we may be able to provide cover for you over the telephone. We have added our most popular trades and treatments online but there are lots of others that we may be able to help with.

Can you help me with any other types of insurance?

Of course! Please contact us – our advisors are here to help you with all your insurance needs.

How many staff can I insure under the Salon Gold policy?

You can insure up to 10 staff online including working partners and clerical staff. If you have more staff, no problem, please contact us and we can discuss your precise requirements.

What is public liability insurance?

Public Liability insurance provides protection against your legal liability for injury to third parties or damage to their property arising out of the operation of your business. The standard limit under our policy is £3,000,000 any one claim and there is an option to increase this to £5,000,000.

What is Products Liability insurance?

Products Liability insurance provides protection against your legal liability, compensation costs and expenses following injury or damage by products that you have sold or supplied.

The standard limit under our policy is £3,000,000 in total for all claims in any one year and there is an option to increase this to £5,000,000.

What is Professional Treatment risk insurance?

Professional Treatment risk insurance is an extension to the Public Liability section of your policy and will provide cover for any injury to third parties or damage to their property arising out of any treatments you may undertake. The standard limit under our policy is £3,000,000 any one claim.

This extension is offered as standard on all policies covering the hair and beauty sector.

What is Malpractice Insurance?

Malpractice insurance covers you for any injury to third parties or damage to their property arising out of any breach of professional duty provided by you. The standard limit under our policy is £3,000,000 any one claim made during the period of insurance and there is an option to increase this to £5,000,000.

The policy also provides cover for libel and slander, breach of confidentiality and breach of copyright as standard.

This cover is offered as standard to all policies covering the holistic, complementary, counselling, health and fitness sectors.

What is Employers’ Liability insurance?

Employers’ Liability insurance provides protection against your legal liabilities to pay compensation in respect of injury or illness suffered by your employees or trainees in the course of the business.

Do I need Employers’ Liability insurance?

Employers’ Liability insurance is a legal requirement if you employ any staff. This includes those who employ trainees or voluntary workers. If you are a limited company and the only employee is also the sole Director, you do not need to purchase this insurance. You also do not legally need to purchase the insurance if you are a family run business and the only employees are close family members.

Can I insure my stock and equipment?

Yes. We can provide cover for your stock and business equipment (excluding mobile telephones and computer equipment) anywhere in Great Britain, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. Online, cover is available for up to £10,000 of equipment and higher limits are available by contacting us for a quotation. The level of excess and maximum amount we will pay for any one item will vary dependent upon the limit of cover selected. Please note that cover excludes theft from an unattended vehicle.

Can I insure my business money?

Yes. We can provide cover for up to £500 of business money and this will include cover for assault up to £25,000.

What is Legal Expenses insurance?

Legal expenses insurance provides cover for your legal costs and expenses for a wide variety of legal problems you may become involved with. There are two levels of cover available:

Silver Cover
£100,000 cover for Tax Protection. This includes covers for Tax and VAT investigations by HMRC. 24 hour legal, tax and counselling assistance helplines and access to a ‘free to use’ legal services website.

Gold Cover
This is a comprehensive legal expenses package providing £100,000 of cover for the following:

  1. Employment Disputes
  2. Employment Compensation Awards
  3. Restrictive Covenant Disputes
  4. Representation for Tax Investigations & VAT Assessments
  5. Property Disputes
  6. Legal Defence
  7. Compliance & Regulation – Prosecution Defence
  8. Statutory Licence Appeals
  9. Loss of Earnings
  10. Employees Extra Protection – Employee defence in civil proceedings
  11. Crisis Communication Costs (up to £10,000)
  12. Legal / Tax Advice & Counselling Helplines and access to a ‘free to use’ legal services website
What is Personal Accident for Hands cover?

As a therapist, your hands are the most important tool you have! For a small additional premium we can cover you for up to £10,000 if you were to lose a hand or digit.

Why do you need my ERN number?

If you employ staff and pay them over the tax threshold, you will have been allocated an Employers Reference Number (ERN), also known as your PAYE reference. All insurers providing Employers’ Liability cover need to submit the ERN number to the Employers’ Liability Tracing Office (ELTO). ELTO has been set up so that insurers of companies can be traced in the event of a claim being made in the future.

Do you need to see my certificates?

You will only need to produce your certificates in the event of a claim. When you purchase your insurance you are declaring that you have a suitable qualification.

What qualifications are acceptable to you?

Click here to view our qualifications page.

Can you provide cover if I have a previous bankruptcy or IVA?

If you have ever been declared bankrupt or entered in to any form of bankruptcy proceedings, you will need to declare this to us and unfortunately will not be able to purchase your insurance online. We are able to accept most bankruptcies providing you have been discharged for more than 12 months.

Can you provide cover if I have been trained abroad?

If you don’t have a UK recognised qualification you will need to send translated copies of your certificates to us for approval. However, in the majority of cases, we will require you to complete a UK recognised course in order to provide cover.

Our Reviews

4.9 / 5 Based on 4268 Reviews
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