The winter hair colours trending on Instagram (…And how to create the look)


The darker mornings, colder nights and shorter days aren’t all doom and gloom… The arrival of winter comes with some exciting new beauty trends, and hair is no exception.

Undoubtedly, your social media feeds (in particular Instagram) have been bombarded with hair trends boasting a seasonal and festive feel, with the appropriate names to match.

No matter the length and shape of your clients’ hair, or how you choose to style it, these are the hot new colours to push for winter 2018:

Honey hues

Forget cold-induced tones and use softer hues to warm up your clients’ hair. Buttery and beige tones are the perfect way to transition from summer fun to fall flair. Use a darker semi-permanent colour at the roots and leave the face frame and ends lighter, allowing the hair to grow out with less maintenance. A little bit of root on show gives a natural and effortless look.

honey hues

(Instagram: @shanellcedeno)

Ashy blonde

For clients who want a more edgy look, use an even amount of both warm and cool tones which will effectively cancel each other out and create a more neutral and “nude” look. Blonde-grey hybrid hair colours are so on-trend right now because they are easy to wear and are flattering on all skin tones.

ashy blonde

(Instagram: @tbdhair)

Chestnut mocha

Tone down browns with cool, coffee shades. Perfect for clients with fair skin who want a classic and romantic look, as it gives the impression of a more porcelain finish. Classic brunette may not seem particularly ground-breaking, however, it has the potential to be the most eye-catching, if it’s kept healthy and well-nurtured.

chestnut mocha

(Instagram: @razzohaircare)

Maple caramel

Maple hair combines orange and violet tones, reflecting beautifully on darker and warmer skin tones. Keep the winter months warm by adding pops of golden caramel highlights, ideal for those with darker complexions.

Stay away from too many red tones as you don’t want to wash out the skin’s natural glow. This look suits all hair types, including straight, curly and afro.

maple caramel

 (Instagram: @theparlour_indo)

Salt & pepper grey

Have you noticed that fashion trends are slowly creeping into the way we do our make-up and hair? Like your favourite winter woolly jumper, flecks of black, white and grey are being seen in hair. Bleach your client’s hair to a achieve the iciest silver, then use a strong blue/purple pigmented toner to remove all the yellow. Once white-blonde has been achieved, dye it a suitable shade of grey.

salt and pepper grey

(Instagram: @50shadesofgreyhair)

Rose gold

Red hair has been spotted on the runway a lot this season. Turn reds and oranges into a rose gold by adding subtle copper undertones. Not to be confused with brassy, copper looks great on both dark and fair complexions. With a pop of colour against warm skin, your client’s face will glow.

rose gold

(Instagram: @behindthechair_com)


Strawberry shades can be kept bright, not brassy, by using warm undertones. Transform reds and oranges by using vivid shades such as radiant cherry red, or deep burgundy hues to really make hair pop.


(Instagram: @barbarhairtools)

Which of these colours are your favourite? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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