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2018 Is The Year Of The Beauty Trends: A Round Up Of The Weirdest Beauty Trends This Year, So Far


Beauty trends have been hitting social media thick and fast during 2018. It’s only July and we feel like there’s already a whole year of weird and wonderful trends to talk about. From the biggest trends of the season to the smallest flash of a micro trend on Instagram, we’re checking them all out and constantly bringing you the most interesting looks.

Through all the many wonderful trends we’ve reported on so far, this year, such as strandlighting, acid eyeshadow and gem roots hair, there have been an equal number of wonderfully weird trends to boot. Here, we take a short look at some of the most unique trends to sweep through Instagram, so far, this year.

Fishtail eyebrows

Brows have been having a real moment in beauty and fashion of late. Gone are the 90’s micro-thin eyebrows that we all adored and enter a new phase of the brow, the bushy brows, courtesy of Cara Delavigne. Alongside big brows being in, we’ve been seeing an influx of new brow trends that are now possible due to everyone’s increased brow volume. Fishtail brows took over Instagram, with even the famous Huda Kattan giving them a go. Taking the edge of the brow down and then adding a new upwards flick to create this tail shape, MUAs worldwide gave this look their own twist.

Giving #flowerpower a whole new meaning ? @monomolove

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Floral eyeliner

Not so much weird, but possibly more of an unwearable trend was floral eyeliner. Perfect for a festival or a casual, hippie-style wedding, but for day to day life this trend would require some serious time and patience.

Metallic freckles

Cute and perfect for summer, the metallic freckles trend is still going strong online. Adding a few gold dots your cheeks for a highlighted selfie is all this trend requires but a small search online and you can see that the trend takes it up a notch with some participants clearly on the “more is more” bandwagon.

Booty glitter

It’s not just our face cheeks getting the glitter this summer (tee hee!). Festival season this year has been more sparkly and glittery than ever before. With companies like The Gypsy Shrine having huge growth leading into the summer period, glitter has changed from a subtle addition to becoming the whole outfit. The weirdest thing about this super-fun trend is more that wearers rocking their short shorts suddenly look a little like they’ve sat down in their make-up artists favourite palette!

Feather eyebrows

As we mentioned eyebrows are in. However, another eyebrow trend that didn’t take off that spectacularly has been feather eyebrows. Slicing the brow down the centre and fanning it out on both sides to create this feathered effect, it’s very much a runway look rather than an all-day street style vibe.

Corkscrew nails

Ever impractical, beauty trends really pushed the boundaries with corkscrew nails. Crafting the corkscrew with acrylic, just one nail on each hand is twisted into this statement effect. Would you give this one a go?

We all love a good trend and for us, the weirder the better, it simply means our beauty talent is just getting increasingly creative – and we’re totally here for that!

What’s your favourite weird beauty trend of the year? Share yours with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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