Let’s Get Freaky: Weird & Wonderful Beautycare That You Won’t Believe Exists


Are you a self-confessed beauty addict; the kind who’ll go to great lengths in their quest for looking flawless? Well, this may be for you! From the slightly strange, to outright odd, delve into the world of weird and wonderful beauty care. Feeling brave?

snail slime

A slimy secret

Well-known for their innovative beauty techniques, Korean cosmetics embrace everything weird and wonderful with their love for mollusc mucin. Despite sounding like a fancy ingredient in a super-expensive celeb fad cream, we can assure you it’s far less technical. In basic terms, it’s snail slime – yup, you read that right. Snail slime. And though slathering your face in it may seem anything less than appealing, mucin-based serums are scientifically proven to have a ton of benefits, from regenerative properties in acne scar healing, to improving skin’s overall elasticity. Now widely available in the UK, why not shell out on some today? (Pun definitely intended!)


Bee venomous

Well, if a snail slime moisturiser wasn’t quite strange enough, try adding some bee venom into the mix. Promising wrinkle-free results, the naturally-occurring toxins work in encouraging blood supply to the face, increasing levels of collagen and doubling up as an anti-inflammatory – perfect for keeping skin oh-so-smooth. Though widely popular amongst the links of Kim K and her clan, at two hundred plus pound a pot, chances are we’ll be sticking we won’t be splashing out any time soon.


silkworm cocoon

A silktastic spectacle

Suffer from dry, irritated skin, and have tried the whole of Boot’s lotion aisle to no avail? Well, according to popular Japanese skincare, you’re doing it all wrong. Silkworm cocoons are packed with replenishing oils and minerals, containing an active protein that helps with absorption and locks in moisture. A natural exfoliator in the fight against flakes, it’s the type of silk we may not be used to – but definitely need in our lives.


nightingale facial

Dropping a bomb

From bugs to birds – behold the ‘nightingale poop’ facial. A popular treatment used in East Asia for centuries, the ‘geisha mask’ contains active enzymes that help to un-clog congested pores, removing dead-skin build-up and restoring the natural balance of skin’s PH – all in all making for a flawless, glowing complexion. And though it may leave you reeling in horror, you’ll do so with a super-soft face!


donkey milk

Milking it

And just when you think you’ve seen it all, in the spirit of everything weird and wonderful, we thought we’d save the best (well, strangest!) till last. Donkey milk shampoo – cue the gasps. Popularised in Turkey, such shampoos, hair creams and conditioners are said to strengthen follicular structure and reduce breakage, working as a natural keratin supplement that intensely nourishes from scalp to root. Though promising pretty impressive results, I think we’ll have to take their word on this one.


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