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Getting Creative With Colour: Our Favourite Unique Hair Creations Of 2018 So Far


2018 really has been the year of hair and beauty trends, so far. From fruitilicious nail art to neon peach hair, we’ve seen colourful trends from every angle. However, one step ahead of all these overtly Instagrammable trends are the brilliant artist stylists out there trying something brand new and exposing it to the world. This year, we’ve been keeping our eyes open for these hair revolutionaries and we’ve spotted some seriously creative results.

Here are some of our favourite colourful ideas so far, this year.

Psychedelic “magic-eye” hair

Crafted by St Louis hair artist, Kristina Cheeseman, this psychedelic dye job harbours a mesmerising result. Just one click to her Instagram feed spoils us for choice with a plethora imaginative and unique colour creations. She named this one, in particular, the Magic Eye, telling her 34k followers, “You guys know, I’m all about optical illusion hair.” Well, now we are too.

Pixelated flamingo hair

Pixilation is the real deal when it comes to 2018 hair uber-talent. This unbelievable pixelated flamingo design was done by Cristina Vigna and it’s not the only one she’s come up with. Take a look at her Instagram page for geometric pixelation as well as unicorn and rainbow styles.

We also loved this alternative pixelation creation from Moscow based stylist, Tatiana Shuvalova, who designed this full head of electric blue pixels.

Blue phoenix hair

From the deepest of rich blues, right through to wild flashes of fiery orange, this Blue Phoenix hair creation is the work of US colour expert, Derek Cash. Based between Miami, New York and Los Angeles, Derek used Matrix colours to form this eye-catching style. Take a look through his feed for further inspiration of the perfect balayage and pastel remixed styles.

Neon tie-dye

If you’re a fan of 70’s tie-dye then this is the choice for you. This uniquely coloured look blends candy pink, lime green and neon blue to form this ultimately cool tie-dye effect. This style was crafted by a Minnesota-based stylist with the Instagram account Boho Brushed, and is a self-appointed “vivids” specialist.

True rainbow hair

Created with multi-pastel shades and 20-inch extensions, this ultimate rainbow dye job was posted by extension brand owner, Amy The Mermaid (Insta account). Heavily featuring pretty pinks, glitter and make-up perfection, this is one account you have to follow if girly unicorn styling is your thing. From baby pink roots to lilacs, blues, marine greens and bold yellow, this hair creation is literally a work of art to be recognised. The shopamythemermaid account is the one to follow to add serious rainbow length to a colourful ‘do.

Creativity is at the heart of hair and beauty and we love to see new talent bringing their most fabulous ideas to the scene. From the ultimate trends to the not-so-practical artistic creations we’ve looked at in this blog, this year there seems to be a focus on getting ultra-creative with colour and producing a style that is truly unique. Which one would you like to try?

What are your favourite creative hair colours at the moment? Share yours with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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