Timesaving Essentials For the Mobile Salon Entrepreneur


Now looks like an especially promising time to get into the health and beauty sector, which is tipped to reach £26.7bn in worth by 2020, says Startups.co.uk, citing the analytics firm GlobalData. However, if you do want to take the plunge, you will need to keep pace with the mobile revolution.

What “mobile revolution”? We are referring here to the rise of on-demand beauty services, whereby customers are increasingly arranging to receive beauty services at home and in time slots especially convenient to the customers. To capitalise, you can open what is known as a “mobile salon”.

There are many plus points of going down this route. For example, you could save money on overheads and so free yourself up to offer more competitive prices. Working outside orthodox work hours is also an option. Still, you could also find running a mobile salon quite punishing on your time.

What would be the remedy for this? In fact, you could take up a package of remedies to which you could add to increasingly shave more and more off your occupied time. Here are a few techniques that we would especially recommend for time-effectively keeping that salon running smoothly.

Plan thoroughly and carefully

You might wonder how you are supposed to squeeze this into a schedule if it already seems packed like a sardine tin. However, forgoing such planning can often prove a false economy if those post-it notes and other scraps of paper on which you occasionally jot down plans are too easily misplaced.

You only need to set aside ten to fifteen minutes to plan your responsibilities for each day, says Entrepreneur. You could even start planning those responsibilities just before you wrap up on the day before. That way, you can ensure that the to-do list quickly meets your notice the next morning.

Still, where exactly should you write down those plans? Try a wire-binding steno pad for keeping on your desk and throwing into your car when you are about to head off to meet a customer. Each page of the pad can be dedicated to a separate date of your corporate calendar.

Where possible, take on responsibilities simultaneously

One of the biggest advantages of carefully planning out your day is that you could more easily spot opportunities to bundle various responsibilities for especially time-effective working. To this end, once you know the day’s appointments, attend them in the order that most shortens your route.

Similarly, if you know that your week will sometimes require you to satisfy your financial requirements at a bank, you could arrange for just one bank visit where you will handle all of those tasks in one go. In other words, don’t schedule several separate trips to be spread out across the week.

Make good use of your flexibility

One of the major draws of setting up as self-employed in the beauty industry is that, as you could enjoy a lot of control over your work hours, you might not strictly need to give up a day job you already have. This can bode well for tentative steps you make into the sector.

You might find that clients are willing to welcome you at their homes during weekends and evenings – times when those clients might not be occupied by work.

You could even advertise this as a major selling point of your mobile salon. After all, many of us could deem it a hassle to have to take time off work for something as supposedly routine as a haircut.

Take occasional and timely breaks

Working relentlessly is productive in theory, but not always so in practice; your brain could suffer a kind of burnout, leading the law of diminishing returns to kick in. For this reason, it’s worth scheduling a complete day off at least once a week – and taking small breaks on otherwise busy days.

As for what you do in those breaks – just sip some coffee, admire the scenery through a window, or casually walk around the local area. Any time you lose in such breaks can be more than made up for with how much more energised you will feel on your return to work.

Check that you have all of the right insurances

Breaks can be nice, but you don’t want to end up with excessive lulls in custom. Unfortunately, those lulls can too easily open up if you lack suitable insurance. Forgoing insurance can not only be risky but also prevent many clients from even wanting to use your mobile salon services.

Fortunately, when you task us at Salon Gold with fulfilling your insurance needs, you can expect an array of valuable covers – including public liability and products liability – to be thrown in automatically. You can then source optional covers for, say, your salon’s stock and equipment.

Don’t be afraid to enlist a few extra pairs of hands

When you feel as though the workload is getting rather on top of you, perhaps friends or family members might be able to handle some responsibilities. Those could include packing and delivering orders or putting together publicity materials. Still, could it be too testing on their time?

If so, you might want to instead consider properly expanding your business by employing someone. This is another area where insurance is particularly important. Employing staff would legally require you to hold employers liability insurance, which can help you fund compensation for wronged staff.

Hopefully, you will never have to make a compensation payout. However, you can’t rule out the possibility that, if an employee suffers an illness or injury directly resulting from their work for you, they could opt to seek that compensation. Therefore, your firm needs to be financially ready.

Fortunately, employers’ liability is one of the optional covers offered with mobile hair and beauty insurance from Salon Gold. When you give us a call on 020 8655 0444, we can carefully tailor an insurance policy to ensure that it ticks the right boxes for you and your mobile salon.

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