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Sweet Shop Hair: The Latest Hair Trend That’s Sure To Give You Your Sugar Fix


It began during the summer months, but if you think the sugary sweet and oh-so-bold sweet shop hair trend is gone for the winter, you need to re-check your Instagram feed. The social network is currently awash with this girly and super colourful hair trend, which is making a winter comeback, bigger and brighter than ever before.

Heavily inspired by the colours, prints and patterns splashed across our beloved, old-school sweet shop goodies, this hair trend is not one to be ignored. From the delicate purples of Parma Violets and the sugary sweet orange of real, old-fashioned sherbet, to the unmistakable blend of the pastel yellow and vintage pink of the Flying Saucer. This trend is all about colour and all about fun.

We just had to use this opportunity to take a step back in time and pick out our favourite retro sweets, to show you exactly what this trend is all about.


Palma violets

Nobody can mistake the distinct taste of an old-school Parma Violet. However, its colour is just as famous. The super soft, pastel tones of lilacs and lavenders give enough classic sweet shop vibes to take you on a journey down memory lane.


Double dip orange sherbet

Swizzles’ Double Dip orange and cherry sherbet was enough to excite the calmest of kids. The tri-coloured sweet wrapper alone screams hair inspiration, ideally fitting the sweet shop hair trend. From the bright and bold red of the cherry sherbet to the unflinching pop of orange, making it’s way to the final flash of lemon sherbet at the tips of the hair. This is sunrise, sherbet ombre to a tee.


Sweet bananas

The trend’s take on the marshmallow sweet banana look brings blondes to a whole new level. Here, yellow is not a hairdressing swear word, but the yellower the better and if you can include a wisp of red and blue, then all the more exciting.


Fruit salad

Two-tone means extra fun. Remember these fruit salad sweets? The ones that tasted of raspberry and pineapple mixed into one? Well, they were yummy, but the best thing about them was their colour combo, right? This blend of yellow and pink is almost too much for us to take!


Sour apples

Halloween is long gone, but green hair is still powerful on the Instagram circuit, thanks to the sweet shop hair trend. This look takes deep emerald on an ombre journey through to bright lime.


Candy floss

A tint of pink has been a blonde trend for some time now, but to ensure that it’s bang on trend, this version makes sure the pink pulls through just that little bit stronger, and a darker root gives it an edgier vibe.

So, whichever your top sweet shop favourite, be it the eye-wateringly sour hit of a sour apple or some toothache triggering candy floss on a stick, sweet shop hair is one of the most fun trends of the moment. Question is, do you have a big enough sweet tooth to try?

What do you think of the sweet shop hair trend? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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