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The Latest Colour Craze: Going Tropical This Summer With Sunset Millennial Pink Hair


With summer at our doorstep, another crazy hair colour trend has made its way to our shores. The perfect complement to your summer wardrobe, sunset millennial pink hair has made a splash, bringing together the trends of rainbow hair and hot magenta to create dreamy locks that bring the rich, vivid hues of the sunset alive in technicolour.

Originating from the sunset hair trend from 2015, which saw a wealth of tonal oranges, reds and washes of dark purple and pink, sunset millennial pink hair takes a twist on the trend, pulling colours up towards the pink end of the spectrum. It creates a multi-dimensional look that pulls from every shade imaginable, bringing home those summer vibes. Imagine tropical sunsets on the beach, relaxing with a Tequila Sunrise with a little pink cocktail umbrella balanced in the glass – that’s what this look is all about.

Check out some of our favourite colour combinations below – these are absolutely to die for!

The ombré effect in this next one really pops, bringing the ‘wow’ factor in a whole new way – looks just perfect for relaxing on a beach in the sunshine!

When your hair is ? thank you magic hair queen @alicereyn #sunsethair #hairmagic

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The sunset millennial pink hair trend even looks beautiful when layered with blorange and peach tones, bringing together some of our favourite hair trends of 2017 in blissful unity.

Of course, the other option is to go all-out colour crazy, and really bring those vibrant, magenta tones into the forefront. Mixing these with a hint of blorange makes for a truly sensational splash of colour.

Sunset Sherbet ? Painted with all @pulpriothair paint. I'm in love!!!!

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And of course, there’s always the option of taking the fiery orange up a notch for that sunset-over-the-desert look.

Ну…. как-то так. #sunsethair

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This look is so summer 2017. The shades of violet and pink complement each other so beautifully – it’s perfect poolside hair!

As with any hair colour trend, it’s entirely down to what you make of it, so if you’re a bit more colour shy, you could adopt lighter tones for the perfect blend that’s a bit more subtle and little less daring.

Tequila sunrise ? ? #chopchop #colorfulhair #sunsethair #sunrisehair @carol_haines

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All we know is with this hair trend on the horizon, our beaches are going to look a whole lot more lively this summer!

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