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Nail It This Summer: The Nail Trends That Are Sure To Keep You Looking Hot All Summer Long


Nail trends have been hotter than ever for 2018 and this summer, you’ve got some serious options if you want to keep up. With trends ranging from absolute minimalism to bolder than bold statement neon, you’ll be changing your manicure every two weeks to try out all of these ultra-cool nail trends.

Whether you love a trip to the nail salon or you’d rather test your own talents and do them yourself at home, these are some stand-out nail looks that you won’t want to miss this summer.


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Minimalistic nails

It might be nude nails with a single black dot or simply clear polish with an intricate vine nail art, but minimalism has never been bigger than this summer. Simple, chic and unpretentious, we’re loving the more abstract variations of this trend, done best on short, natural nails.


Rainbow nails

It’s fun, colourful and playful; rainbow nails are the perfect summertime pop of colour your holiday outfit needs. Seen mostly on a white background, the more intricate the rainbow bands of colour, the better. Get creative with anything from traditional rainbow arcs to swirls and spirals of colour.


Super neutral nails

Neutrals have been rocking the beauty scene since Kim Kardashian announced it was the real deal. This summer, neutrals are so skin tone, you might just miss them. Choosing the polish that works closest with your skin is key here and warmer nude tones work especially well.


Metallic nails

It’s hard to remember a time where rose gold wasn’t the hottest thing in fashion, beauty and interiors. But this summer, it’s not just rose gold that’s trending on the tips of everyone fingers. This season, like the chrome nails of last summer, metallic anything is nail trend perfection. Whether you love the warm rose gold palette, fiery yellow gold or a sharp flash of silvery chrome, high-shine, almost mirrored metallics are where it’s at.


Half moon nails

We’re all used to a traditional French manicure, where the tips of the nail are whitened. However, this summer half-moons at the base of the nail are the new “it” look. Some are whitening them against at clear polish on the rest of the nail, whereas some nail technicians are creating bolder looks with deeper polish and leaving the half-moons clear. It’s a sleek and chic look, teamed especially well with long oval nails or extensions.


Neon nails

If you’re going to a festival this summer or even on vacay, this trend has got to be the one. It’s bold, bright and unapologetic, trending in the form of acid green to blinding coral. This trend works on anything from natural short nails to talon-like extensions, so it really is a trend for everyone.

There’s a trend for every taste this summer, so take advantage of the wide range of on-trend looks and let’s get creative. This is one beauty aesthetic that is a pretty low investment (approx. two weeks and not too much £), so why not dare to go a little different to your regular french mani and try one of these trends today?


What are your favourite summer nail trends for 2018? What will you be rocking on your summer holiday? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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