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Strandlighting: The Latest Technique To Get All Natural Highlights This Summer


It’s a new hair colouring technique and it’s striking a particularly popular chord on Instagram right now. Strandlighting is the ultra-natural highlighting method being used to create a sun-kissed effect like no other.

First highlighted by Allure, the strandlighting hair technique involves foil highlights applied using a much finer and more delicate weave. Instead of some of the more recent hair trends where highlights have been weaved in a chunkier and more noticeable technique, this method pulls through tiny amounts of hair strands, which then in turn produces a very natural over-all lift, which could be mistaken for good old-fashioned, natural sun lightening.

With over 4000 hashtagged images now popping up on Instagram, this hair trend is proving to be one of the summer’s biggest looks. One of the first posters of this natural hair look was Texas-based colour specialist and salon owner, Liz Haven, who boasts over 120 thousand Instagram followers due to her stunning dye-job photo feed.

Now conducting online strandlighting classes for stylists, Liz Haven has become a guru in the new colouring technique. She describes strandlighting on her Instagram as a “detailed, low maintenance colour approach” which gives clients a “sun-kissed end result with a grow out that is seamless. No root smudge, no root tap; just your guest’s natural pigment and the art of density and placement.” Due to the low maintenance result, Haven says clients can go 3-4 months between strandlight top-ups, which is much longer than the usual approximate two month top-up time that many clients have for regular, more dense highlights.

A beautiful and natural-looking way to lift the hairs colour, strandlighting works on all hair colours from platinum blondes to deeper brunettes looking for a brighter lift. The seamless technique also allows for hair to look extremely natural when straight, not just waved, where some thicker applied highlights might look their best on a ‘do which has been styled into a curl.

Strandlighting is not necessarily a brand-new technique. It has hit the headlines this month due to its growing popularity on social media. However, the all-natural highlighting look has also gone by the name micro-highlights, baby-highlights and even the slightly older technique, slicing. Slicing, although a chunkier result, is similar as it creates an overall highlighted result, which lifts the whole head of hair.

Because of the manual nature of highlighting and the different techniques used by each and every professional, if you’re considering taking the plunge to a brighter, lighter look for the summer, remember to take your photo inspiration with you. This will help your stylist to understand if you want a super-natural strandlighted overall result, or a less discreet finish. It’s also worth considering the timing between applications and how often you’re happy and willing to return to the salon for root touch ups.

Whether you’re dark now or already a blonde, who doesn’t want to be a little more sun-kissed over the summer months? With the current UK heatwave, a little strandlight could be the perfect new finishing touch to your summer style vibes.

What do you make of strandlighting? Dying to try it or not a fan? Share your opinions with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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