Step-by-step Halloween Makeup Look


Halloween is the perfect opportunity to get creative with the make-up palette. We caught up with award winning makeup artist Stacey Whittaker for her steps to a ghoulish party look.

1. Skin Base

Use a matte foundation to create an even base with lots of coverage and smooth finish. For this look I used the HD Brows Fluid Foundation and applied using a foundation brush in stippling motions to push it into the skin.

2. Eyes

To prep the eyes, use a base on the eyelids. Press this in using a flat brush to create a smooth creamy finish, then take the P Louise Eed Base and press that on to create a half moon shape on the eye.

Take a fluffy blending brush and pick a similar colour – the colour I used is from the HUDA Beauty palette in the red shade. Blend this over the top of the P Louise red base to create a smooth, suede like finish. This will also give the corners of the eyes a more blended, soft finish. Use sweeping motions back and forth along with circular motions on the outside of the red tone to create a more diffused and smoky finish. As this is a Halloween look you can allow the red shadow to travel slightly further upwards or outwards than you would with a normal smoky eye look.

To give this look an even spookier Halloween feel, apply the shadow underneath the eye too. Then add a deeper tone closer to the eye line and blend this out to create that blown out look. This creates a more light to dark finish. Use sweeping motions with your blending brush to create a blurred edge.

Then using NYX Vivid Bright’s, create tiny spider vein stripes coming from the eyes. You can create nice soft fine lines with this as the brush is really tapered. So bringing a few out of the eyes can look very effective.

Now take some glitter, ask your client to close their eyes and open the glitter onto the eye, don’t be afraid if the glitter to starts to fall underneath, you’re aiming for something quite messy around the eyes. Then pop on some mascara and nice fluffy lashes. The lashes I used are from Primalash.

Inside the eye I’ve also used the P Louise Red Base in the waterline, this creates a more blood like feel to the eyes. You could also pop in some red contact lenses.

3. Brows

I used soap brows on the brows, but an alternative to this is Pears Soap where you can use a spoolie brush and pull the brows upwards into a fluffy texture. Within the brows I then used the HD Brows Pro Pencil and pushed through some imitation hair strokes giving a more feathery finish. 

4. Lips

I used MAC Blacktrack to paint some black on the outer corner of the lips and pressed some red on the inside. Ask your client to push their lips together to help create a smudged effect with a more ombre feel. Adding some highlighter to the cupid’s bow will give it more dimension too.

5. Skin

I used highlighter on the top of the face and cheekbones to give a nice illuminating feel and keep the Halloween look slightly glam! 

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