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Shadow Hair: The Next Gen Low Maintenance Hair Trend For Added Dimension


When it comes to hair colour trends, it’s often all about the brightest and most creative colours, done in the craziest ways. However, this isn’t always the case. Here at Salon Gold, we love to hear about the newest expert techniques and natural colour trends that colour specialists and stylists are using and loving, just as much.

This week, everyone’s talking about shadow hair. Shadow hair is the new and super-subtle way to add some low-maintenance dimension and newness to your look without opting for your regular highlights. Also known as shadow toning, and with a growing hashtag on Instagram of #shadowtone, the look is soft, natural and ultra-ashy and can be achieved by both blondes and brunettes alike.

Instead of simply adding highlights to your hair in a brighter colour than your natural base, shadow toning adds shadowy depth to your colour, pulling out darker, ashy tones within your highlights to give you that much-craved multi-tonal dimension.

This colour specialist proves that by adding darker shadow tones through the hair, as well as brighter highlights, you can transform the entire head of hair without going completely blonde and achieving a hard-to-maintain all over colour.

Dubbed as the new ombré or even balayage, shadow tones are used around the roots of blonder hair, meaning that you don’t need to head straight back to the salon for root touch up’s after four weeks. When Allure spoke to New York-based colour expert, Nikki Ferrara from Serge Normant at John Frieda, she explained that with shadow tones at the root of the hair, clients can go as long as six months before heading back into the salon for a refresh.

She also explained to Allure that it’s best to choose a toner or gloss the same shade as the natural hair or even half a shade deeper. This technique results in a super-natural and slightly more grown-out look.

Explaining to Allure how she achieves the look, Josie Wright, a UK stylist said, “I use shadow toning along with babylights and balayage to give a soft, organic root”.

Working on brunettes as well, the shadow tones are darker and the highlights are super ashy light brown, resulting in a similar, yet slightly darker overall finish.

Although brighter blondes and light brunettes are more commonly seen on the #shadowtone hashtag, deeper brunettes like this image, prove that the trend can be captured with all hues and shades. Bringing the overall colour to a greyer finish, the brunette is ashy and multi-tonal with darker shadows giving it its added dimension.

The shadow hair trend is all about creating a really natural look without warmth. Because of this, it’s low-maintenance and works on most hair tones, making it one of the more accessible trends of 2018, so far. The babylights technique used to create the shadow hair look gives your hair movement, thickness and life, and when you don’t have to head back to the salon for a top up every four weeks, it certainly makes it more exciting when you do.

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