Andrew Jose Haircut

Salon Gold Gets the Insight on the Power of a Killer Hair From World-Leading Hair Stylist, Andrew Jose


Can a haircut really change your life? And how important is the client/hairdresser relationship? Stylist Andrew Jose and TV personality and chef, Lorraine Pascale, talk about how a haircut set her on a stellar career.

“I was 16-years-old when I first met Andrew, I was a young model and the agency sent me to see him to sort out my mop of messy hair. I had long hair and loved it, growing it took ages so I avoided the hairdresser whenever I could. But Andrew cut it all off and even though I knew it looked good I was really upset. However, that haircut had a huge part in helping my career. I was never going to get on the runway next to Naomi Campbell sporting a Jheri curl!

Andrew Jose Haircut

I’ve come to understand the importance of hair over the years – it’s a statement to others about who you are, and as a society, we often judge a person by their hairstyle rightly or wrongly. A good haircut can make you feel like you are on top of the world – however, I’ve also had days when I’ve wanted to hide from the world too! Dramatically changing your hair is like making a fresh start and makes you feel like a new person. Once you’ve found a hairdresser you trust it’s a life changer. The relationship is one of the most intimate you have with someone. If you have a big job you need to know your hair will look on point, so trust is absolutely paramount.

“Lorraine was a 16-year-old when she first came to see me at the salon, a beauty hidden by a mop of hair- She really didn’t want her hair cut but it was relaxed and broken –I wanted everyone to see her –after quite some time we agreed and off it came! She Hated it but we had a winner –and we’ve been friends ever since.

It was a dramatic change and I knew Lorraine could carry it off, even at such a young age. She was beautiful with flawless skin and great head shape, which was the most important thing. I bumped into Lorraine again a few years later in New York and her whole life had changed.

Andrew Jose Haircut

Did her haircut contribute to that change? I think so. Many years later I was preparing her for a TV show-She said to me, ‘Do you remember when you cut my hair off? I hated my hair but it made me.’ There was a new girl in town for the catwalk, fashion, and beauty, with a dramatic statement haircut people took notice of her.

Our work is incredibly important to people’s lives and being aware of the effect it can have, adding a fringe, chopping into layers, or a completely new look that can turn heads. Our skill to interpret someone’s needs emotionally and to enhance their features is often undervalued, but perhaps more importantly, taking responsibility for your client’s style will reflect the clientele you have and perhaps ultimately the career you enjoy.

Andrew Jose and Natasha Brayovitch offer bespoke education seminars at His London salon in Fitzrovia and can work with your whole team, directly in your Salon.

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