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All That Glitters: Why Soft Rose Gold Is The Perfect Colour Update For Your Hair This Winter


This summer brought us vivid pinks, ombres and beleaguered styles from celebrities to famous Instagrammers, embracing drastic change for a hot summer colour. As the weather cools, should your hair? Not really – a trending metallic shade inspired by the summer pink has given rise to rose-gold hair that fits like a leather glove on a cold winter’s morning.

Soft rose gold is the more subdued cousin of the hot pink trend, offering a more metallic and multi-dimensional version of the hot pink that reigned during summer. Incorporating highlights and lowlights throughout the hair to ensure the hair doesn’t look flat, the results of shade gifts the hair with a shimmery and metallic look, underlining a rosy tone, perfect for standing out during the winter months without being too glaring.

The colour works perfectly with darker shades of hair with the help of carefully placed stranded colours or ombre – you don’t have to be blonde to work the look!

Beautiful braided COLORMELT⚪️? @gonzalo_zarauza ? #hairkingz

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Here, Instagram user, @hair_kingz, has skilfully perfected a colour melt technique and blended an ice white into a rose gold colour, capturing winter in a truly stunning way. While we’re admiring the fantastic colours, can we also take some time to bask in the glory of that mesmerising braid? It’s giving us serious Khalessi vibes – and we love it!

@Fringehq has perfectly demonstrated just how beautiful light and dark undertones work to bring the rose gold look to life. Intertwining different shades of pink and light brunette seamlessly lifts the undertones of the hair to highlight the gorgeous pink that is needed for this trend to work. We absolutely love the hard work that went into this look.

? baby.

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Actress, Troian Bellisario, has shown just how gorgeous rose gold hair can be with this short bob. Having dark roots at the top blending into a rose gold highlights the colours that little bit extra. We think this look works for anyone worried about roots growing out too fast, as you can see the look still works wonderfully, regardless of root re-growth.

R O S E ? G O L D

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A more subdued look that looks seamless and somehow natural – using rose gold highlights that use both orange and pink undertones. The “salmon sushi” colour blends perfectly while elevating and enhancing the multi-dimensional effect of this amazing hair trend.

A more of a bold look from @lovesalonhair, this take on the trend is powerful and makes more of a statement. By not fading colours or blending, the statement is suited to all of the hair, earning its nickname; ‘Rose Head’. Using a range of tones and glosses to bring to life the different shades of pink and red, they blend effortlessly to create a vibrant look.

Similar to Troian Blessiario’s dark roots blending, this is another intense look with longer dark roots that bleed into beautiful, full coverage rose gold at the ends. The look can be tailored to suit the individual and their preferences, skin tone and eye colour. Although this original look posted can make the individual appear ‘washed out’, there are endless variants of rose gold – and ones to suit all features and skin types.

In love with this color #rosegoldhair #rose#gold#blonde#flawless❤️

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The silver-infused rose gold hair looks extra special for winter and any classy Christmas parties. Using light pink tones instead of red and pink tones, the light is able to bounce off the golden blonde highlights throughout the hair. This look – as we’ve posted before – looks perfect when styled in a braid to really showcase the stunning shades and tones.

What are your thoughts on the soft rose gold trend? Love it or hate it? Share your opinions with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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