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[UPDATED FOR 2018] Rose Brown Hair: The Next Hair Trend You’ll Be Dying To Try


This article was originally posted back in March 2018. It has now been updated with new images to encapsulate the new variations of the trend that have arisen since publication.

 Do you ever think those beautiful, pesky blondes out there seem to get all the best hair colour trends when it comes to feminine and girly looks? We recently reported on the newest and hottest blonde hair colour sweeping Instagram; pink lemonade and who can forget about the sweeter-than-sweet rose gold ‘do that everyone was after at the end of 2017. Well, this time we have a treat for all the brunettes out there; there’s now a pink-hued trend just for you.

Introducing rose brown hair; the newest brunette colour trend to light up social media. It’s deep and has a certain richness to the palette, but is still super girly and perfect all year round. First noted by Allure, rose brown comes from an Australian hairstylist, Thi Thao Tu, who’s Instagram you can find here. She told Allure that the colour is created using a combination of bleach, brown and red dye and an Olaplex treatment to ensure the health and integrity of the client’s hair. The brunette base is interwoven with blush to create a real rose-coloured result.

Shiny Rose brown ? @hairby_teee ?

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She created this stunning colour, which is root to ends, and credits the incredible shine to the use of the Olaplex treatment. Now suggested for many clients who are using bleach on the hair, the formulated, 3-step hair treatment repairs and protects and has been featured in Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Elle, to name but a few, leading magazines.

Since the use of bleach is required to lift the brunette strands to this pretty shade, the quality and condition of hair is key to ensuring the best possible results for those who fancy a switch to this springs palette.

This gorgeous interpretation of the trend is the work of the Michael Richard hair salon in Ipswich. It balances lighter and darker tones of brunette, juxtaposed against rose hues to create this jaw-dropping multi-dimensional effect with bags of shine – and those tousled waves finish the look off beautifully.

It’s fair to say that balayage has been one of the most popular hair colouring techniques of the past few years, so it’s quite something to see this favourite styling technique of the hair world combined with the sultry tones of the rose brown hair trend. Graduating from a deep brunette at the roots and seamlessly blending into a blush hue, this is definitely one of our favourite new interpretations of the trend.

One of the biggest names in hair, even Wella have made note of the wide-spread popularity of this trend. Showcasing one of their stylists’ metallic creation on the Instagram, it’s already garnered an impressive 2,592 likes. It perfectly blends a rich brunette with an, almost purple-toned, rose hue in order to create this show-stopping look.

Next up, another gorgeous balayage-infused variation of the trend. This look from colour specialist, Ashley Lantz, blends varying tones of rich, warm brunette into rosy pink hues to create this beautiful fusion of rose brown. Made with Matrix Metallics, this is a look that’s sure to turn heads.

Finally, last but by no means least, this rose brown dream is the work of Instagram stylist, Stephanie Hodges. A beautiful infusion of pink and purple hues, fused with brunette, this look is sure to impress all year round.

Whether you opt for a subtle take on this season’s feminine palette or take a leap and add brighter pinks through your ends; we’re sure that these styles will leave you a little tempted. As another exciting hair colour trend rocks Instagram, 2018 is certainly shaping up to be a hair trend record-breaker.

What do you think of the rose brown hair trend? Share your opinions with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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