Revealed: Men in the UK spend MORE money on beauty treatments than women


We were stunned by new research conducted by the health & wellness booking app, MINDBODY which reveals men spend a tremendous £3,400, on average, on beauty treatments, each year, compared to women who spend £3,100, on average. The survey also showed that Britons spend more on regular haircuts, per year, than any other treatment, and both women (58%) and men (45%) think it’s important to stay looking young.

The survey placed the top five beauty treatments both men and women are spending the most on, per year as:


  1. Haircuts (£329.77)
  2. Massage (£214.77)
  3. Teeth whitening (£188.27)
  4. Spa (£185.91)
  5. Hair styling (£184.46)


  1. Haircuts (£378.51)
  2. Hair colours (£284.70)
  3. Hair blow dry (£267.22)
  4. Hair styling (£258.50)
  5. Manicures (£175.77)

And, according to the research, the five UK locations where residents are spending the most on beauty treatments, per year, are:

  1. Oxford (£9,733.88)
  2. York (£6,229.33)
  3. Sheffield (£6,226.90)
  4. Norwich (£5,476.68)
  5. Liverpool (£4,609.08)

Oh to have a salon in Oxford! So if you’re not already pulling in a strong male clientele, what can you do to appeal? Try these top tips:

  • Look at your salon from outside. Does it obviously cater for men or is it only female model imagery and products in the window?
  • What’s on your service menu – do you have men’s services and prices listed?
  • How do you market to men? Encourage your female clientele to bring their man or host a men’s event to spread the word.
  • Think about the small touches, make sure décor isn’t overtly feminine, have some men’s mags on hand and beers in the fridge if you serve drinks.
  • Retail to your male clientele. Out of all the UK’s salons, The Company of Master Barbers in Southport cleaned up at the British Hairdressing Business Awards for two consecutive years by selling an eye watering amount of retail product to their gents. How? Owner Robert Rix says, “Obviously cutting, shaving and grooming sales are key but retail is a huge focus. I think our success comes down to the fabulous selection of products and our technical knowledge. We work to provide a consultancy rather than a hard sell and it’s about educating clients, not just making money.”

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