dyson hair dryer

Re-imagining The Hairdryer


Hairdryers usually contain big bulky motors that are placed in the head of the dryer.  It has been like this since the 1960s! Now Dyson have invented a new hairdryer with the help of professional stylist Akin Konizi.  The new invention has a motor small enough to fit in the handle of the dryer. The Dyson hairdryer has taken a total of 4 years and 103 engineers to produce.

The new hairdryer may be quieter, faster, safer and smarter but it is also nearly £300! It has been reported by Notebook’s Beauty Editor, Lynne Hyland that, ‘’rather than blowing my hair all around and leaving a rough, dull finish, the nozzle pointed the air in exactly the right direction and left my dye-damaged hair seriously glossy.’’ She then went on to state that the use of hair straighteners was not needed.  It also halved the time spent on the actual drying process.

“With our digital motor, we changed vacuuming, and then hand drying. Now we’re changing hair care.” James Dyson, Inventor

The price may be a little pricey (come on this is Dyson!) but do you think you will be making the change from the usual hair dryer to the amazing new addition from Dyson?

Our Salon Gold hairdressers are always on the lookout for new technology and equipment to help them in their everyday work.  Will the new Dyson be a good fit? What do you think?

Protecting your hairdryer investment

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