Life In Technicolour: The Rainbow Prism Hair Trend That’s Blowing Our Minds


Over the last few years we’ve seen all kinds of vibrant, intense hair colours but you can’t beat the newest rainbow trend for zany, in-your-face colour that pops! Rainbow prism hair is the latest newcomer to the world of crazy hair colour trends and has been kicking up quite a storm.

As you will probably know, rainbow hairstyles are not particularly new in terms of the overall concept, but the sheer amount of variations we’re now seeing are getting more unique each time. Rainbow prism hair was introduced to the world by stylist, Kristina Cheeseman. What separates the prism look from other rainbow-inspired hairstyles is the way that it adopts a different look as you use different hairstyles.

If you take a look at Kristina’s Instagram photos, you’ll see an array of styles that use the colours in such different ways.  The results are pretty fascinating – not only does each one look like a new style, it almost looks like completely different colouring too. You have to look again to check that it isn’t a different hair model in each shot.

Along with one of the photos, Cheeseman comments ‘Here’s a photo of some prism hair I’m low key obsessed with’.  Well, judging by the reaction of her 10,000+ followers, people are getting a bit more than low key obsessed; they’re totally loving the new look! The Instagram star quickly received almost 3,000 likes with one of her prism posts.

If you’re looking to join in with the prism fun but your budget doesn’t quite stretch to flying out to St Louis to see the Queen of Prism in person, then maybe you could help your own stylist out by revealing Cheeseman’s secret to achieving the stunning technicolour look:

First of all, you’ll need to bleach the hair to get the right starting point. Cheeseman told the guys at Allure that she bleached the hair into a platinum colour, which is the best way to get the colours to really take and to stand out as much as they can.

She then separated the top section of her client’s hair in the shape of a horseshoe, to colour that part silver. The next bit is where she goes perhaps into an area that other stylists wouldn’t think of. Instead of applying the colours in the usual vertical manner, she applied the colours horizontally. This is another key factor in achieving the unique prism effect and, as she found, sometimes it pays off to dare to be different.

🌈🌊Wave Mother part II 🌊🌈 Ya'll know I'm obsessed with movement, right? 😅#thebtcshow #btcready

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Cheeseman is no stranger to introducing unique and original hairstyle designs and she really knows how to push the boundaries of expectation. What starts with a whim and the free licence from the client to be as creative as she wishes, can finish in a hairstyle that people are talking about and trying to replicate for a long time.

One of the latest styles that she’s shared is one that she’s titled ‘Southwestern Sunset’, which uses a spectrum of colours, but a large concentration of orange and red to produce a beautiful sunset-like effect. She also likes to experiment with what she describes as ‘weird’ colours, which appear to be a jumble of colours that stylist usually wouldn’t combine.


What do you think of the new rainbow prism hair trend? Share your thoughts with us on the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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