Pop culture ideas set to trend this Halloween


Halloween is an amazing opportunity for salon owners and freelancers to book more clients. Here’s what could be trending in the coming month.

The trees are losing their leaves. Temperatures are dropping. The nights are closing in. And this year, the clocks go back on the 31st October! With an extra hour to party this Halloween, clients will want to make the most of their costume ideas.

Cruella De Vil, inspired by Emma Stones’ look in Disney’s Cruella, will be a popular choice this year. And for couples? How about calling Beetlejuice for a Tim Burton / Disney crossover?

With a sequel returning to cinemas this month, Candyman is another great option for those going the film theme route. Bees, honey, and a hook for a hand. It may take some creativity to pull off, but the results will get the party talking.

honey bee makeup

Pennywise was in lockdown last year, so don’t be surprised if he’s lurking about in 2021.

Stephen King’s horror phenomenon, is a great opportunity to embrace a dramatic look that will creep out the neighbours.

Part witch? Part vampire? Friends with Morticia? Maleficent is perfect for those wanting to highlight their bone structure, and embrace their inner demon.

Wipe the smile off your friends face with a return to the cult classic. The Joker has been reinvented countless times and may inspire you to add you own spin.

Joker makeup

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So what do you think? What are your predictions? What will customers be asking for this Halloween?

We would love to see you show off your Halloween themed masterpieces. So, head over to Instagram, upload your work, and tag @salongolduk. And keep an eye out for our Halloween competition, hitting inboxes this October!

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