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Picasso Nails: The Latest Artsy Nail Trend That’s Blowing Up On Instagram


Nail art has been sneaking its way back onto the beauty trend scene of recent and we have to say, we’ve not always been mad about some of the more unusual creations. However, we’ve noticed a brand-new take on nail art that is going to appeal to all and offer an oh-so-chic, minimalistic alternative for ladies that like to keep it simple but fabulously artistic. Say hi to Picasso nails.

Picasso is globally known for his distinctive shapes and abstract use of line work to create both pattern and often faces and body shapes. And now, nail technicians all over the world are using this unique styling to create nail art with a difference.


Often styled onto clear, nude or super-neutral basecoats, Picasso nails are fluid and ultra-sophisticated, resulting in a perfect mixture of laid-back cool and intended skill. Creating both exact replica designs or more minimal versions of his work, the nail art often features faces and predominantly eyes, as is common with Picasso’s own work.


The trend works fabulously with a white basecoat and black line work, as well as a discreet nude backdrop to the detail. Many technicians have mixed both facial designs with more abstract patterns to ensure each nail is completely different.


Alternatively, the look really stands-out with a reverse design; black backdrop with white line work. We can certainly imagine this look taking over at the summer festivals this year. Leaving a couple of nails plain allows the detail to really stand out and become a feature and as you can see, the more intricate the work, the better.


Why not mix it up with a blend of basecoats from pale nude to soft, dusty pinks? This shot from an account based in Chicago opted for some simple nails, paired perfectly with Picasso-style line work designs and then more abstract colour sample designs. With every nail slightly different, you’ll never get bored of this manicure.


For a more adventurous and artistically precise adaptation of the trend, some nail artists have taken Picasso nails to a whole new level. Using authentic colours, exact replicas of his work have been created in miniature on the nail, giving you your very own temporary Picasso gallery.


If you want to ease yourself into this look, why not keep it simple? Against the perfect French manicure, just add a hint of Picasso nail art to one finger or a thumb, letting you enjoy the trend with a little less commitment.

Get it right with the perfect prep work

When it comes to nail art, you want ultimate perfection. This all starts with your prep work, particularly if you’re opting to try a clear mani look with the Picasso detailing. Removing every trace of old nail polish is key, then file into the perfect shape (short and rounded or oval works beautifully for this trend) and ensure you use a nourishing base coat or two.

When you’ve nailed the artwork, go for two generous coats of strengthening top coat letting them fully dry and set between coats. Just a little extra preparation and finishing can make your mani last days longer.

Whether you’re an art lover or simply a nail art fan, this is one spring trend that we know you won’t be able to resist. Now, excuse us while we practice some seriously Picasso-esque doodles on our notepads. Happy nail art-ing!

What do you make of this artsy new nail art trend? Really dig it or totally hate it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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