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It’s All About Pastelage: The Newest Hair Trend That’s Pushing Balayage Out Of The Spotlight


Balayage is a hair styling technique that many of us hold close to our hearts and will no doubt enjoy again at some point in the future. However, our heads have been turned by something new, something that has brought out a yearning we never felt before. Yes, balayage swept us off our feet – but pastelage has reminded us what new (hairstyle) love feels like.

“What exactly is pastelage and what makes it so special?” we hear you ask. Well it’s kind of like the new and improved version of balayage. It takes the balayage technique that we love so much and takes it to the next level. As you may gather from its title, pastelage encompasses semi-permanent pastel colours to deliver results that produce the wow-factor. Rose gold hair is the colour that many stylists are creating with fantastic results.

So, we’re not actually leaving balayage completely, just experimenting with its potential really with different pastel colour variations. Typically, we have seen balayage colouring using mostly brown and blonde and the end results work a treat to produce a fluid looking colouring. However, there’s only so long that some people will stick with the more traditional hair colours. So, if you are looking for some inspiration on your next hairstyle, pastelage could be the new style for you.

You’ll probably have seen so many popular Instagram hairstylists using bright rainbow colours to bring hair to life but not everyone wants the brightness of these styles. Pastelage allows a more toned-down version and yet is still eye-catching, which can be a difficult balance to achieve.

Because the colours are semi-permanent, you obviously get to see which colours you like the most without the commitment that you need to give with permanent colours. The pastel colours are much more forgiving as the hair fades compared to brighter colours, so your clients won’t suffer that annoying in-between period if you are waiting for your next visit to the hair salon.

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If you’re looking for some Instagram inspiration then take a look at what stylists like Shelley Gregory Hair has been doing with pastelage. L’Oreal Professional (who introduced this new hair craze) has also been sharing the love for pastelage on Instagram. If their pastelage pics don’t make you want to try this new look then we don’t know what will. The amazing use of pastel colours definitely made us want to try our hand at it ourselves!

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According to the L’Oreal Professional website, research shows that 25% of women up to 40 have been asking for brighter, bolder colours such as the ones achieved through pastelage or rainbow hair. People are fed up with the less conventional hair colours and just as we hit that period where people are looking for a new look for autumn, expect more and more colourful hair requests in hair salons across the world.

So, there you have it, pastelage is truly the new and improved balayage. It’s the perfect solution for those looking for something different and for clients that are desperate to see some colour injected into their hair.

What are your thoughts on pastelage? Do you love it or hate it? Share your opinions with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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