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The 411 on Organic Hair Products: Top benefits revealed


The demand for natural hair products has grown significantly over the years, with clients increasingly conscious of taking better care of themselves, whilst supporting the environment.

Consequently, organic products, have seen a spike in popularity, particularly when it comes to what clients are choosing for their hair. But what are the benefits exactly? We have spoken to some industry experts to reveal all:

Safer for your skin

Sadly, most shampoo brands include a number of heavy chemicals which can be incredibly detrimental sensitive skin. Known chemicals, like sulphate, can dry the scalp and strip away any natural oils from the hair. If your client is known to suffer from psoriasis or any other skin conditions, organic shampoos will offer a tender alternative for your client’s scalp, whilst alleviating any stripping of the hair.

What’s more, organic products tend to avoid using irritants within their ingredients including tea tree oil which is perfect for treating dandruff and can prevent any allergic reactions. Ultimately, natural products are much more forgiving, and your more sensitive clients will thank you for it in the long run!

Amplifies your client’s hair care

Organic hair care products often offer a healthier solution for your client’s hair, simply because they clean with a milder formula.  Non-organic products can include harsh chemicals, leaving a huge build up and long-term bad results.

If your client is a regular, find a product which suits their hair type and over time the natural ingredients in organic shampoos and conditioners will help restore moisture and longevity within all hair types.

…Eco-friendly AND recyclable!

With endless amounts of waste from treatments throughout the day, it can be hard to keep pace with what could be impacting our environment. Whether you’re doing a fake tan for a client, or have a whole hair treatment booked in, these products ultimately get washed down the drain and end up in our waterways. With organic treatments, the product comprises of certified organic ingredients, created safely without the use of pesticides and other practices that pollute and damage the environment. Alongside this, did you know that a majority of these brands often use biodegradable or recycled packaging?

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