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The Truth Behind Olaplex: How It Can Save Your Hair

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We’ve all been hearing the word Olaplex, both in the salon and across social media, for quite some time now. However, many women still have yet to incorporate the products into their colouring treatment or simply into their at-home beauty routines. Here, we take a look at what Olaplex can actually do for you and your hair and whether it’s worth taking the plunge into the products of this hyped up brand name.

Used significantly for blonde hair, but not exclusively, the Olaplex treatments aim to dramatically repair and restore hair that has been damaged by bleach and dye over years of colouring. Great news for all of us that have dyed their hair regularly ever since they can remember.

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The Olaplex treatment is a three-stage system that permanently rebuilds the bonds in hair that get damaged throughout the chemical dying process. Not only does this mean people who have dyed their hair many times can rebuild and restore the natural health and strength of their hair, but stylists are now able to safely dye client’s hair in more dramatic and creative ways than ever before with little damage.

The treatment comes in three stages with the first two a part of your salon treatment and the last an at-home treatment that you can do by yourself.


The Three Stages of Olaplex

Number 1: Bond multiplier

This stage is used as either a treatment within the salon, applied directly onto your hair, or most commonly added to your bleach during your regular colour treatment. This first step begins to rebuild damaged bonds and starts to prevent any further damage.


Number 2: Bond perfector

The bond perfector stage is applied to the hair after the bleach has been rinsed out and left for approximately 20 minutes. This continues to rebuild any other broken bonds, giving your hair the best possible shine and strength.


Number 3: Hair perfector

The third stage is for clients to use at home, once a week. Like other products you may have used in the past, you simply apply this stage to damp hair after a shower and leave to soak in for at least ten minutes. You simply then rinse the hair as normal. This can even be left on for up to 90 minutes for maximum results.

The brand has also now introduced a 4th and 5th stage to the process with their very own shampoo and conditioner. Number 4 is the Olaplex Bond Maintenance shampoo, formulated to restore moisture levels and natural strength of the hair, designed for all hair types and safe to use on coloured hair. Number 5 is the Olaplex Bond Maintenance conditioner, which aims to restore, hydrate and repair without additional weight, again designed for all hair types.

The Olaplex products can be bought online and are also available at many salons now using the treatment alongside their regular colouring methods. A growing brand in the industry, maybe now is the time to try out Olaplex and see what it can do for your hair.


What do you make of Olaplex? A hair restoration miracle, or over-hyped? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that your information about Olaplex 3 usage is wrong.
It is Not a ‘Mask’. It is a continuation of the Olaplex process.
It is applied to unwashed hair (slightly damp helps to distribute the product better), left to process then shampooed and conditioned as normal.

If they have changed the usage in the last 8 months then I am behind the times and I apologise.

Reply to Amber

Thank you for your comments Amber. You are correct, Olaplex Stage 3 is not a “mask” and we have corrected the article accordingly.

Our Reviews

4.9 / 5 Based on 4254 Reviews
Read all reviews »

Very good website to use made it easy to purchase the cover I require.

on Sep 21st

Great and to the point, not trying to charge an arm and a leg for something like most others. Very happy, Vagabond's Barbershop

on Sep 21st

Quick easy efficient, very good value

on Sep 20th
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