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Ocean Blue Hair: The Hair Trend That’s Got Us Diving Right In


It’s now officially summertime. The sunshine is pouring over us, we’re hitting the park at the weekend and we’ve all had one too many BBQ’d sausages. However, these are not the only thing that summer has brought with it. Alongside our seasonal trips abroad to the glorious seaside to dip our toes into the warm ocean, people globally are taking the next step and getting a dye job to match.


Ocean blue hair is the summer hair colour trend that gives us all the sea and ocean vibes we could ever need. From deep tropical blues to the bright turquoises of shallow waves hitting the beachfront, ocean blue hair has turned up and is here to stay for the summer.


This colour trend is not simply a block colour look. Oh no, as the name implies, ocean blue hair mimics the movement of the sea, so must be multi-dimensional in as many ways as possible. Stylists are creating this movement and texture with every shade within the palette. Perfectly blending blue, turquoise, navy and teal with green and emeralds to create the depth of the ocean in hair reality.


The brighter, the better. This stylist used a genius mixture of Pulp Riot dye shades to create this statement oceanic palette. From bright cobalt at the roots and crown of the head, the colours fade effortlessly into fluorescent and bold turquoise.


Keeping your colour all season

This deep-sea creation is more likely to last than some of the other colour trends we’ve seen in more pastel shades. However, there are certain tips you can use to ensure that you make the very best of your bright new look. Washing with cooler water can really help to maintain your new dye job as it reduces the bleeding of the colour when compared to washing with warm or hot water. Using a heat protector when drying and styling is also essential for protecting the strength and health of your hair, as well as the colour integrity.


Blending ocean hair with the forever popular ombré trend, this stylist created this stunning balayage effect from deep navy blue roots to flashes of bright turquoises throughout the lengths of the hair. Reminiscent of waves, the colour screams ocean blue.


If toe to bottom isn’t your thing, trial the ocean blue hair trend with some serious ombré. Working on both blonde and brunette hair, why not add some deep, rich blues to the lengths and ends of your hair to build this summertime colour that’s not easily forgotten. This colour transitional look is on-trend mermaid vibes at its very best.


Whether you’re planning a trip away this summer or simply want to be reminded of the seaside with every glance in the mirror, this midsummer trend is certainly one to keep your eye on.

What do you make of the ocean blue hair trend? Is blue back in fashion? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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