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Nose Art: The Latest Make-Up Trend That’s Got Us Feeling Creative


Now, give us a minute here because we know what you’re thinking – another wacky make-up trend to hit Instagram that’s neither wearable or realistic. But – bare with us for a second – think about all the attention we give to our faces; filled in eyebrows for a Cara Delavigne vibe, intricate eyelid art with thick black liner wings and lash extensions, lip art and don’t forget the hours spent trying to perfect contouring. So, why do we forget the nose? It’s the centre of the face, a crucial feature that we neglect. Until now.

The hottest new trend to sweep Instagram and take MUA’s creativity to the next level is nose art – and people are loving it.

Nose Art is now a thing! Hope you like this @hudabeauty ?#noseart

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Whether it’s bold colours, graphic details or glitter, the nose is finally getting the attention it deserves and we can tell this is a trend that might just take over the summer beauty sphere. First coined by Allure, nose art can be linked to eye make-up or simply in a world of its own. When it comes to this make-up trend, there really are no rules.


Easing us into the trend, lots of make-up artists are being creative with freckles. Drawing on enhanced freckles and beauty marks has been trending in the make-up world for years, but the look has certainly become more popular of recent. When it comes to nose art, freckles are transforming into shapes, including miniature, super-cute stars spread across the nose and cheeks and teamed with a thick, black sweep of eyeliner on the lids to match. If the freckles aren’t stars, then multi-coloured natural shapes will do the job just fine.

A touch of colour

A cute way to enter into the spirit of the trend, but in a slightly more discreet way is extending the eye make-up colours to the tip of the nose, which we’re seeing quite a lot of. By bobbing a little perfectly-blended and bright colour just to the tip (and also on the cheek), it creates an all-over glow of the chosen hue.

Bold shapes

If you’re going to do the trend, why not go all out. We’re seeing bold shapes appearing on the nose, including this lightning bolt resting on the bridge of the nose. Alongside the powerful, black lip and eerie lime green and yellow gold eye make-up, there’s something completely natural about seeing this drawn-on image on the nose. Or have we been looking at this nose art trend for too long now?

We’re also seeing extensions of the eye make-up to include the nose, like this sweep of liner across the middle. Lots of these bold, statement shapes used for nose art are accompanied by a strong and usually dark lip and some seriously cool, bright eye make-up.

Whatever your thoughts on the new and growing nose art trend in the make-up world, it’s taking social media by storm – which usually means we’ll be seeing more and more of it out and about and, we predict, at this summer’s festivals.

Will you dare to get creative and try one of these looks out for yourself? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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