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Neon Peach Hair: A Neon Makeover For The Peach Hair Trend


Neon peach hair is sweeping Instagram as the newest and hottest hair colour trend of the minute. While we’re used to seeing flashes of colour within the creative hair trends of the social sphere, this block colour look is catching eyes in the industry for all the right reasons. It’s super bright, incredibly on-trend and falls somewhere between peach, orange and fluorescent sunshine.

The trend was first reported by Allure and crafted by LA-based hair stylist Jessica Jewel. As seen on her Instagram by us and her 44k followers, she created this ultra-intense colour palette using Pulp Riot’s Neon Electric dye collection, blending the perfect mix of colours, Candy and Lava. Painted onto pre-lightened hair, the result is simply breathtaking.

How is it different to other peach trends?

We’ve seen and reported on peach hair trends before, in fact, back in April we looked at peach hair and its coral to pink palette. However, the peach hair we’ve seen in the past has very much been submerged within the pastel trend. From peachy pinks to oranges, pastels have been rocking Instagram for some time. When it comes to neon peach, we’re in a whole different ballgame. Neon, fluorescent, luminous, whatever you want to call it, neon peach is brighter and bolder, giving us flashes of colour like we’ve never seen before.

Due to its popularity on Instagram when she first posted the look, Jewel posted a transformation video, showing her client going from long and blonde to choppy and neon peach during her visit to the salon.

Due to the lightness and brightness of the neon peach vibes, you need to be prepared to go super-light, platinum blonde to achieve this colour transformation. Therefore, this means hair protection is key.

This look really lends itself to a sharp-edged lob, and we can’t get over how much the colour pops on poker straight hair. We can definitely see this colour getting more and more popular as the summer months continue.

happy pride month yall ?

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Darker roots continue to rock with the neon peach trend. Whether that means intentional rootage or leniency on natural regrowth, that’s up to you. The darker roots look great against the brightness of the peach palette, making it a look that doesn’t necessarily require regular high maintenance.

Working phenomenally on short hair too, don’t think this is a trend simply for the longer haired ladies. On a short, cropped pixie cut, the colour pops and combines perfectly with natural make-up.

Again, using Pulp Riots dye collection, this look is neon peach combined perfectly with flashes of pastel baby pinks and oranges to create this multi-tonal and multi-dimensional result. Worked flawlessly into soft, messy waves, the trend is given a boost of texture, making us all wonder if this is a possible summer look.

It’s not a look for the faint-hearted, but peach neon is set to be the colour trend of the season and we can certainly see why. It’s bold, colourful and powerful and we are definitely looking forward to seeing lots more variations of this creative summer hair trend.

What do you make of the neon peach trend? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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