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It’s Electric: The Neon Make-Up Trend That’s Causing A Stir On Instagram


Make-up is a seriously creative and artistic medium and it seems every week, there’s a new trend emerging. With the dawn of Instagram, we’re seeing more and more trends making their way onto our phone screens, and getting suitably envious of some of the skill and talent of others within our profession.

One trend that’s really taking the industry by storm at the moment is neon make-up. Usually reserved for festival goers throughout the summer months, we’re now seeing this look being adopted all year-round. However, mastering this type of make-up requires skills of the highest calibre, and it takes a true professional to pull these off with finesse.

One of the first artists to share their work with the world was Genevieve Jauquet who posted a picture of gorgeous glittery lips, with a neon pink base and white liner to complete the look. Although she had previously tried the look out back in 2016, it was her recent re-imagining that kicked up a storm on social.

We are also seeing the neon love used around eyes and eyebrows, such as in the above Instagram post by Divina Muse. She used an electric turquoise to outline the eyelids and lower eyebrow with simply stunning results. The dusting of neon freckles really pulls the whole look together, and although it’s super subtle, it does create massive impact.

Whilst David Bowie was seriously rocking the neon make-up look back in the 80s, it seems to have made something of a re-appearance lately, with bold, bright colours used to really stand out from the crowd. You only need to take a look at the posts from Ultra Violent Make-up Insta account for some ideas of what you can do with some neon colours and a bit of creativity.

If you want to take a stab at the neon eye make-up trend yourself, but are unsure of how to achieve the results you deisire help is only a click away. Top make-up artist, Marion Moretti has posted a tutorial online where she shares her technique of applying a two-toned neon look.

One of our personal favourites is the neon rainbow look, using four or five bright neon colours to make a spectrum of colours across the eyelid. See Make-up by Jane Doe for an example of this amazing look.

Another neon make-up look we think it super creative, this look from @vitaliy_platunov is simply gorgeous. Featuring a paint-splattered pout and contrasting colouring, we think it’s incredibly effective, and definitely worth having a go at yourself.

What’s your favourite neon eye make-up look? Share your opinions with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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