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Mum Of A Kind: What Our Hair & Beauty Professionals Think Of Their Mums


Mums are great, aren’t they? They’re there for every heartache, every bad haircut and every friendship drama. They’ve got your back through thick and thin and they love you unconditionally. There’s no greater ally than your mum.

We recently launched our Mother’s Day competition on our Facebook page, where we asked our Facebook following to share their fondest memories of their mum – and the responses have absolutely blown us away. Each and every one has been a heart-warming reminder of why your mum is your best friend, and how she’s made your lives infinitely better.

We loved their comments so much, we decided to put them together into this blog, to show exactly how much our hair and beauty professionals love their mums. Here are our favourite reasons for why mums are the best.


mothers day fondest memories mum

She’s there for all your major life events

Your mum has had your back from the moment you were born, so it’s only natural she’d want to be there for all the big life events that have come along the path. From weddings to the birth of your own kids, she’s been your rock – and you love that she’s been there to celebrate all the good times.


“[My mum] gave me an amazing wedding day, all by herself.” – Lesley Carnochan

“[My mum was] my birthing partner at all my births – the support and calm she brought was amazing. I wouldn’t have got through it without her.” – Kerry Jones

“My fondest memory of my mum is my wedding day. My mum was apprehensive about flying abroad as she’s not a keen flyer. But with all the will [in the world], she made it and [her being there] made my wedding day. Wouldn’t have been the same without her.” – Natalie Watkins

“My mum is my best friend. She’s always [been] there for me when I need her. My fondest memory is when she was with me during my labour of my son. They asked her if she wanted to cut the cord and she turned around and said, “Oh no, and I don’t want to eat the placenta either!”. It had us all [in stitches]. Stressful birth!” – Lucy Horlock

 “My mum helped me plan my wedding and was an absolute star throughout. She handmade the decorations and made sure everyone had a great time.” – Nicola Rupawala

“My heart-stopping moment was when my mum held my first-born minutes after having her. My mum’s face [said more than] a million words [ever could].” – Alicia Jane Lawton

“Going on holiday with my mum just the two of us, I organised it with my first salary. First and last time that we did it. We talked a lot, laughed a lot, we became friends. I live my life by her life lessons. She may not have been the most organised, she was always late, but even from that, I learnt something. Love her and miss her.” – Alejandra Young

 “My mum was with me when I gave birth to my first little boy. I was on my own and only 17 at the time and she was amazing. I can recall the look of love and wonder on her face as she held her first grandson in her arms.” – Hayley Payne 

“My mum was with me when I had my daughter when my husband was in Afghanistan. [It was a] very special moment.” – Kelle Howlin

“[My fondest memory of my mum was her] being there when my little boy was born.” – Fern Woolf


mothers day fondest memories mum

She’s the rock of your family

Mums hold everything in the family together – everyone knows this. Whether it’s by making sure there’s dinner on the table every night, saving enough to buy that toy you always wanted or just by looking out for everyone, she’s the glue that binds you all. Age and distance don’t matter – she’ll always look out for you, always.


“[There’s] four children in their 30s, husbands and wives and three grandchildren in my family. [But my mum] still cooks us all the best Sunday lunch every week.” – Janie Adams

“My mother is a wonderful foster carer, always going above and beyond for the children in her care. I have many fond memories of my mum that are associated with her care and compassion for the children she has looked after. A significantly memorable one was when she turned our whole garden into a beach for the children.” – Isobella 

“When I was young, we didn’t have much money – she told me years later that she saved every penny she had and had beans on toast for weeks to have enough to buy me [the] Barbie house that I really wanted. That Barbie house was the best present I ever had. Still fond memories to this day. That shows a mother’s love.” – Chambers Rosie Hayley 

“[My fondest memory of my mum was] seeing her on a Segway at age 70, racing my dad.” – Jane D Beckett

“My best memory for me of my mum is when we thought we were being burgled one night. We heard footsteps up to her bedroom, [so] I darted in, flew in the air and landed straight on her tummy. Made her do the absolute loudest fart ever! The footsteps turned out to be my brother – his girlfriend heard the whole thing and we all couldn’t stop laughing! To this day it still cracks us up.” – Cami Georgina 

“My mum deserves more than I can ever give her as she’s done so much for me and my family. She is such an inspiration as she’s always on the go and never asks for anything in return. She looks after my son, taking him to school and picking him up then watching him until I get home. She’s his best friend! She also looks after my Gran and still finds time to do her own things and cook us a lovely Sunday dinner every week!” – Sarah McFadzean

“I loved running out of nursery to see mum when she picked me up. We used to go home, have lunch while watching Tom and Jerry, then curl up on the sofa and fall asleep. Then, [later in the day, we’d] get up and go to the school to pick my big sister up. She’d run up and give [my mum] a massive cuddle!” – Jade Louise Pettifer

“My main memory of my mother was laughing, so mild-mannered and kind-hearted. Her friends knew she was someone to be relied on. Funnily enough though, when I think of her, I see her sitting in the chair in our lounge laughing at some TV programme, whilst attempting to get our (too-big-to-be-a-lap) dog off her lap. Smiles – that’s what I remember, she taught me to be a tolerant, contented, strong women.” – Suzi Leaver

“[When I think of my mum, I picture] Sunday dinners and Little House On The Prairie.” – Joanna Vine


mothers day fondest memories mum

She’s there for you when things get tough

Not everything in life is smooth-sailing, but your mum is always there for you when things get really bad. Whether it’s due to illness, or the general day to day upsets that can come with life, your mum is always there to offer support, wisdom and lend you her strength in times of need.


“When she smiled at me and held my hand when I came around after having a brain tumour removed. I felt at ease and knew by her smile everything was going to be okay. She took care of my three sons while I recovered.” – Tracey Bright

“She’s helped me out in bad situations pulled me up when I’ve been down. She’s my world and more.” – Caroline Petch

“Too many [fond memories] to choose than I can say. But at nearly 50-years-old, my mummy is always there when I need her, if I’m ill or upset.” – Rachel SB

“My mum is my rock, my best friend, my world, my everything. There are so, so many things she has done for me over the years and continues to do, despite all her own problems and always puts everyone first before herself. She is the most selfless person I know. I can’t even think what I will do when she is no longer here with me. We all take time for granted and it’s NOT guaranteed.” – Lisa Shaw

“My mum is my inspiration and a total powerhouse at almost 87. She has been there for me through thick and thin. It was so lovely taking her to the Psychic Garden for her birthday a couple of years ago and treating her like the queen she is. I love and appreciate her more than words can ever say and she’s a wonderful Grandma too” – Gilly Bean


What’s your fondest memory of your mum? Share yours with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

Please note, some comments have been edited for clarity and length.

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