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Mismatched Nails: Because Uniformity Is Out In The World Of Nails


The days of uniform nails are gone! On the horizon, we’re seeing experiments, creativity and just a whole load of fun and colour. Now, this is the kind of trend we can get on board with!

Mismatched nails are sweeping Instagram right now so whether you’re the type to post a “just been to the salon” snap of your nails in front of your steering wheel, or you love to oh-so-effortlessly hold your Starbucks to show off your sharper-than-sharp manicure, this is the new look you want on your feed.

Has the salon stress of choosing just one colour officially become too much? Or is the selection of colours from nail brands now just so good that the thought of having to choose just one seems too much to bear? Or, maybe we’re all just getting so rebellious and creative within our beauty and fashion choices that we just don’t care anymore about every single nail being the same colour?

Whatever’s going on, we love it and we want to see more of people just getting whatever they want on their nails. If that means a different shade on every finger, so be it!

Some Insta-posters are opting for bright and beautiful hues in every colour and some are keeping it subtle and keeping their looking within the same palette, for example, pastels. Softer shades are a fantastic option if you’re easing yourself into the look because it’s not immediately bold, but still allows you to test and trial several shades.

A look we’ve seen a lot on The Gram is the multi-colour tips trend. While this is a slightly subtler version of the look, we love how you can really step out of your comfort zone with your colour choices, even opting for neon finishes, yet it’s still appropriate and accessible for most office jobs. (This means you don’t have to worry on Sunday night about covering your weekend mani up!).

The mismatched nail trend doesn’t just apply to colour. Oh no, when it comes to nail art, it’s also all about mismatched and non-uniform and this is a look we think is going to stick around. Whether you love simple or intricate nail art, who says each nail has to match?

Why not blend the mismatched nails trend with matte jelly nails and ensure they’re super-long? This look pretty much rounds up 2018’s hottest nail trends in one inclusive look.

When it comes to mismatched nails, it’s all about getting creative. If you’ve ever wanted to try crystal nails, go for it! If you want to opt for matte black, throw that in too! This look proves that you can pair matte black, baby pink glitter and Swarovski crystals and you’re left with the perfect, on-trend mismatched manicure.

We’re pretty sure you’re now about to call your local salon to book right in for your mismatched nail transformation. However, the real question is, what will you go for? Multi-coloured? Pastels? Or a little bit of everything?

When it comes to this trend, the world really is your oyster!

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