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Midlights: The Latest Hair Colouring Technique You Need To Know About


From daring multi-coloured mermaid or rainbow hair to the intricacies of marble hair, when it comes to hair colour trends, we’re seeing them all. With the stylists in our industry becoming increasingly talented and creative and the hair products available even more exciting, there is becoming no limit to what we can do with hair dye.

However, there will always be space in the arena for a subtler hair colour trend – a trend that exudes natural beauty and leaves you wondering, “great hair stylist or amazing genes”? Most recently on Instagram, we’re seeing just that trend; midlights.

Midlights is the subtle and beautiful technique that stylists all over the world are trying out right now. A subtler version of highlights or lowlights, midlights hone in on a colour very close to your natural hair colour and it is used all over to create a more seamless finish between all your natural light and dark hues from root to ends.

The perfect alternative for a freshen up for those who don’t like the look of chunkier highlights or don’t want to jump onto the balayage bandwagon, midlights offers a summery dye job that suits all tones and hues. Looking great on blondes, midlights produces a super-blended finish with texture and dimension, but without a more obvious ombré effect. Reported by Refinery 29, LA-based hair colourist, Matt Rez, said the technique is all about “blending the darkest base to the lighter and lightest strands, keeping tonal balance [from] roots to ends”.

Midlights works fantastically for brunettes too, who are on the hunt for a natural lift in their colour without the dynamics of highlights or balayage. The all-over lightening effect gives a sun-kissed finish with minimal upkeep.

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For brunettes looking for a much brighter boost, midlights can also work. Using it in slightly more of a balayage fashion, due to the ends of the hair being slightly lighter, the colour is still taken all the way up the hair evenly, leaving an even amount of both natural dark and lightened strands for an all-over lift.

Every stylist has their own learned and honed techniques for midlights. With some using traditional foil and weave methods to achieve the look, many are using the famed balayage technique of applying the colour freehand, using just their palm and fingertips for a super-natural, imperfectly perfect finish.

Redheads have certainly not been left out of the trend. Working perfectly on auburn tresses too, midlights offer a natural boost to lighten and brighten red hair all over, without looking like highlights at all.

If you’ve been avoiding the brave and creative hair colour trends of 2018 in favour of a more natural look, now is your time. Whether you’re a natural blonde, darker brunette or a fiery redhead, this look works for a range of hair colours, making it the ideal spruce for a whole spectrum of colours.

What do you make of the midlighting technique? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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