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Mermaid Melt Hair: The Next Grammable Trend That’ll Have You Dreaming Of The Ocean


Mermaids are undeniably trending. When it comes to fashion, beauty and make-up, mermaids are officially in and have been for a while. In particular, mermaid hair created a storm with thousands of hair trend lovers seeking out the elusive shades of green, blue and coral to transform themselves into the mystical, and oh-so-beautiful, mythical creature. So, it might be of no surprise to you that for 2018 mermaid hair is back, but this time it’s taken an exciting new route.

Mermaid melt hair is everything you want it to be and more. It’s all of the mermaid colours we’ve come to know and adore, blended literally with our beloved and insanely popular ombré dye technique.

First brought to our attention by Allure, who spoke to hairstylist and coloured ombré specialist, Courtney Gann, the look is created with deep sea blues at the root of the hair, blending seamlessly into aqua greens and finishing at the tips with a bright and bold flash lime into yellow.

She explained that by first applying the deep colour to the roots of the hair, then applying the bright colour to the tips and finally finishing with adding the dye to the middle section of the lengths, she could create this flawless blend without lines or structured sectioning. This technique is where the word melt was born, as the three colours effortlessly melted together in this ombré perfection.

Showing how the technique can also work beautifully for longer hair, this look begins with deep, rich purples, pulls into a bright turquoise and finishes with marine greens, the perfect mermaid melt hair. Gann also takes the time to mention the upkeep of opting for these bold fashion-inspired colours. Investing in a great, sulphate-free shampoo is key and obviously the less often you can wash your hair, the better your colour will last. She also dropped the tip to wash hair in cool water, rather than warm, which instantly dries out the hair lengths.

The look is even being added to a supernatural base, so if you’re loving the pops of colour but are worried to take on an entire head of bright mermaid hues, why not try just the lengths of the hair? Working best on super-long and thick hair, this allows you to keep your natural blonde at the root and for almost half of the length and still enter into a mermaid melt ombré, including deep greens and finishing in blues and purples.

If mermaid greens and blues aren’t your style, why not opt for brighter, more girly hues, which still use the mermaid melt ombré styling and work perfectly on both short and sharp or longer cuts.

Trendsetters on the Gram are also taking a more Ariel-esque approach, using the same technique but with warmer tones of pinks, oranges and golds.

Front view of my rainbow goddess ???☄️

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If you’re ready to get on board with the mermaid trend’s new 2018 vibe, mermaid melt hair is certainly the way to go. The colours scream summertime and whether you’re rocking waist length, authentic mermaid locks or a chin-length bob, this flawlessly blended melt of colours is the hottest trend on social media, right now.

What do you make of the mermaid melt hair trend? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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