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Men’s Trending Hairstyles in Barber Shops – 2019


As we move through 2019, do doubt you’re updating your barbershop selection with the latest hairstyle trends. Your clients are expecting you to groom and trim their hair into its best shape, and sometimes they may just ask you to pick a style that would best suit them. Perhaps more than previous years, 2019 fully incorporates all shades, lengths and textures of hair. So you’re acquainted with the full range of best hair style trends and now you’re ready to use your craft to make sure that all your customers leave your barber shop  with hair that reflects their unique personality and individualism. We looked around at a few of this year’s most popular fashionable hairstyles.

The Buzzed Crop

If you feel like you are ready to get creative with your haircuts, and have your barber’s insurance sorted for the year, then you may want to add an extremely minimalistic look to your portfolio. Hollywood Men, like Zayn Malik and Brooklyn Beckham, have decided to shave their hair with a razor. That means that the entire look can be sharp and short –perfect for highlighting a man’s sharp cheekbones or jawline – or some favour an alternative look where the top of the head has texture, whilst the side and back of the hair is extremely short.

For an additional effect, you might find yourself offering those looking for a more eccentric look, such as seen by Jaden Smith and Frank Ocean, to colour the crown of the head (aka. The top back) with a bright neon colour to make it stand out. This can be anything from a passionate red to a neon green or a cool blue. However, the client’s skin tone may affect whether or not the crowning shade actually suits their skin. So, a combination of your client’s opinion and your advice is needed before you set about dyeing their hair!

The Merman Look

This look is designed for barbers who are not only savvy with a razor and scissors, but are clever colourists too. Before 2019, your customers may have thought that mixing hair colours, such as neons or pastels, were only indulged in by glamourous online figures and beauty gurus. However, a recent trend, known as The Merman Style, has been hitting the fashion community. What makes this look so unique is that, for men, it incorporates the use of colour into the beard, eyebrows and hair. We’ve seen fascinating effects with long hair and short hair alike through combining colours to create an eccentric and quirky technicolour look.

If you’re in the mood to create an extremely passionate look, neon colours, for instance dark blues and bright pinks, are sometimes used to create a stark punkish look. However, if your client is after something more subtle, and “hipsterish”, we’ve seen effective combinations of lighter pastels or dark blues and purples on top of the head, while using a darker shade on the sides of the hair.

Sometimes a client wants additional impact, and you might be asked to consider colouring the client’s beard or eyebrows a totally different shade. This will give them a completely unique look and when used creatively, can heighten the vibrancy of their personality.

The World War Bob

When it comes to designing a look that will give a little texture to the hairline, but keep it looking relatively conventional, World War I and “Peaky Blinders” could offer some inspiration. This usually entails shaving all sides of the head apart from the top, but can also look too much like a bowl cut. Barbers looking to incorporate a modern look sometimes try to keep the hair as a slick skin fade. Texturizing spray applied to the hair whilst wet is formulated to give it  texture and additional volume.

The Quiff

If a young professional enters your barbershop, then you may be faced with the challenge of giving them a style that is not only fashionable, but also appropriate for the workplace. A popular suggestion by barbers for this situation is a loose quiff. Not only can this style work for mid-length hair, but it can also give a dapper, Edwardian feel to the client’s overall look. We’ve seen great-looking results achieved when the sides of the hair have been trimmed, and the top of the hair has then been blow dried backwards around a round brush. This created a curved foundation which could be stabilised with gel. Should your client want a more street-ready look, no doubt you have a variety of products to spike up the quiff and give it a more angled and rugged appearance. Or if they prefer a softer effect, you may need nothing more than to work your expert fingers through the quiff to loosen it and give it a playful and laidback feel.

The Pompadour

For those who are looking to make a bold statement with their hair, but are keen to retain its shape and professional appearance, a classic pompadour might well be on your list of styles for 2019. The Pompadour has made a comeback from the 1950s as it has now been combined with a Drop Fade shave around the sides of the hair. This means that the overall look appears extremely stylised and perfect for any work or party environment.

The Brush Up

Of course, there is nothing wrong with having a simple look. While some men are interested in obtaining either an extremely dramatic or an extremely professional look, many just want to appear well-groomed to make a good impression on their friends and family. So the Brush Up look is still extremely popular. There are lots of resources out there to inspire your clients who may well come to you with their idea for the right brush up hairstyle. It’s a popular choice for men who don’t want to have to put a lot of effort into their hair, but who still want to appear well-groomed and suave.

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