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Marble Hair: The Newest Stone-Inspired Hair Trend To Takeover Instagram

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Much like rose gold, marble has been one of the hottest trends to make the move from interior design trends to fashion and beauty. In 2017 marble hair started to make a timid appearance and this year, the marbling technique has taken over the Gram as one of the biggest and most sought-after techniques in hair dye.

Whether it’s a multi-coloured approach or a sleek grey and black, this is one hair trend that requires some serious talent to get just right.

As a technique, the effect of marbling hair colour can often take on the appearance of tie-dye for hair. A report from Allure discussed this and how the technique can be achieved. According to the article, each marbling technique produces a completely random effect of swirls each time, meaning that every single client achieves their own, unique pattern.

One technique requires shaving foam to be added to mesh strips, brightly coloured dye is then added and the stylist traces figures of 8 into the mixture with the end of a comb, to stir the dye randomly, but not completely. The mesh strips are then pushed against the hair, so that the pattern can imprint.

Using another technique, some stylists use a more free-flowing method, taking chunks of the hair and dying each piece separately, so that when rinsed, the colours merge together and create this pastel, marble finish.

In a more natural stone palette, this stylist has created a stunningly clear marble pattern through the hair. Starting with an ultra-ashy, grey base, they use black to form this “wearable marble look”. The stylist, Brittany Byrd admits it’s her first attempt and we, for one, are impressed.

Some versions of the look are more tie dye-focused. This stylist takes the marble pattern throughout the full lengths of the hair for a more overall marble effect.

If bright colours or pastels aren’t your thing, but you’re into the marble idea, don’t worry. This Scottish hair stylist used Matrix Watercolours and Colour Sync dyes to create this striking blend of brunette and pastel grey. With just a subtle marble effect, this is certainly a more wearable take on the trend.

This Florida-based colour expert created this multi-coloured marble effect using the deep shades of electric blue and purple and blending it flawlessly with flashes of bright yellow and lime green. Marble hair is all about creating texture through colour and forming a completely unique pattern each and every time.

From bright flashes of colour to subtle greys and pastels, one of the great things about this beauty trend is you really can make it your own. Whatever your personal style, you can create the marble effect to suit. But, always make sure you trust someone who knows what they’re doing. Take as many inspiration images as you can find to ensure you both have the same vision in mind when you enter the salon. After marble nails and marble hair, we’re left to wonder, what’s next?


What are your thoughts on marble hair? Is it a trend you’ll be trying out this summer? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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Our Reviews

4.9 / 5 Based on 4401 Reviews
Read all reviews »

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