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Marble Effect Nails: The Latest Gemstone Trend That’s Cropped Up On Instagram


Marble is trending in pretty much every aspect of our lives. From kitchen countertops to high-end Pinterest-worthy bathrooms and even phone and laptop cases – particularly within social media, marble is where it’s at. The beauty industry doesn’t tend to skip out on a trend that’s taking over the world like marble is. Therefore, unsurprisingly marble has found its way into the world of nails and beauty and we’re seeing more and more creative and inspiring ideas on how to incorporate it into your beauty look.

Marble nails have become a staple on our Instagram feeds, yet we’re still not tired of them. The beautiful subtly of the print and the variations on colour and detail are making marble nails one of the hottest trends of 2018. With a luxury vibe and a feminine, on-trend finish, this is one trend that we’re happy to see hang about.


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Although white with grey marble print is considered the norm, nail technicians are getting creative and using other colours, such as this baby pink, to add a little girly twist to the look.

Don’t think you have to stick to neutrals when trying out the marble nail craze. Many are choosing brighter colours for a pop of fun, especially since it’s summer. Pair some focus marble nails with either block colour nails or the addition of a little metallic nail art. With this trend, there are no rules, each nail can be well and truly different from the next, so we dare you to get creative.

No colour is a no go. Why not blend the nail trend of neon or acid colours with both a little marble and some extra nail art? By choosing key nails to place the marble, you can catch a flash of the trend within a fun palette.

If you’re a dark manicure kinda girl, have no fear. Nail techs are flipping the marble effect on its head and swapping the white base colour and grey print with a black base colour and white or grey print swirling through. The trend here is definitely the print, rather than the colour, so feel free to experiment and opt for either high-gloss or a contemporary matte finish.

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Why not mix and match dark and light? Take the “no rules” marble trend to the next level and switch between classic white and grey marble and add in darker black nails or even pops of colour to brighten the look for the summer. Marble nails suit a larger canvas, so opt for extensions so you can really make the most of it.

We’re never short of a wild and statement beauty trend when it comes to nails. However, this sophisticated look is certainly one of the more classically wearable trends right now. Opt for a full set of gem-stone nails or trial the trend by selecting just one or two nails to take the plunge. Either way, this is a nail trend worth trying out this summer.

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